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Boot Camp impresses Lusis Payments

From changes at the executive level of HPE to the introduction of new NonStop Products, Boot Camp provided a quality experience for the NonStop community

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Another successful NonStop Technical Boot Camp came to a close and Lusis Payments enjoyed meeting both old and new friends at the conference.  The new venue was a nice change and seemed appreciated by everyone involved.  Lusis looks forward to attending next year and learning how things have changed given the recent announcement that Meg Whitman will be stepping down from her role as CEO.  We have all seen many management changes over the years, but the end-user support for the NonStop scalable architecture continues to remain constant.

Lusis Dec 17 - 1

As many of you have read in Richard Buckle’s posts to the NonStop community blogs, the direction for HPE and the NonStop platform going forward includes many things, whether it be running at the edge for IOT as we learned from Randy Meyers presentation or embracing new trends such as blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is that things will change.  It’s how each of us responds to that change that matters. So here at Lusis, we pride ourselves on developing solutions that run just as well on Itanium as they do on X86 and with our background being in open systems we love to see the performance improvement that came with the L-series OS running on the X86 hardware.  We are pleased to report that several of our customers have made the move to the X series servers and are impressed with the increased performance.

As we get ready to close out another year, Lusis will continue to look to the future and helping our clients and prospects with their needs to change.  A few of those challenges might include the best way to implement ISO 20022 for real time settlement, as our customer has done in South Africa.  Another client seeks advice on the best way to integrate a legacy based application with a more open API approach, which takes advantage of our TANGO solution, that is designed with micro-services at the heart of the application which provides the flexibility and scalability that is needed in today’s world.

Bottom line, the one constant in our lives is that technology changes and we here at Lusis embrace this change and look forward to bringing new payments and emerging technologies to our customers that address both short and long-term requirements.

Thanks again for a great HPE NonStop Boot Camp in 2017 and we look forward to an even better one in 2018.

Lusis Dec - 2

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