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California Dreaming: It’s time for Boot Camp

TCM will be there - Come visit us at Booth 33




Scottish Autumn

It’s that time again. The temperatures are dropping and the leaves are turning from a lush green to a tapestry of golden, amber and claret tones. The same autumnal tones can be found reflecting and twinkling in a healthy measure of single malt, begging the question if this was indeed a purposeful design. Indeed as the winter winds begin to sweep through the land (and most layers of clothing) one finds themselves instinctively reaching for the comforts of a warm fire, a cosy seat and a little nip of Scottish-personal-central-heating. However in recent years, this seasonal shift has seen the team at TCM reaching for a plane ticket rather than the armchair (with the whiskey still in tow of course), as we fly west to meet up with our flock for the stand-out event of the year: NonStop Technical Boot Camp.


This year is no different. We’ve packed the TCM band wagon (aka whiskey cart) and are heading for San Francisco. The Boot Camp has become a home away from home for TCM as we get a chance to geek-out on all things NonStop. We anxiously await announcements of new NonStop developments and products as has become customary in recent Boot Camp years. We also look forward to mixing with friends, colleagues and new faces at what is NonStop’s biggest meet.

And what message will we be brining all the way from Scotland to California? Well really it’s the message that no matter how far or remote you may be, TCM can reach you with our Cloud-based NonStop Services:


The need for new methods of NonStop service delivery

Most NonStop users realise there is a limit to the supply of highly-qualified NonStop resource that both meets your standards and is available in your location.

Thankfully, TCM is addressing this problem. We are dedicated to the NonStop platform and the provision of the latest methods of NonStop service delivery. Through our “Centre of Excellence” TCM has the capacity to deliver cloud-based NonStop services to customers across the world.


Why choose cloud-based services?

Well, one of the main advantages of cloud-based is that you can, at the press of a button, increase or decrease resources as your requirements change. That’s exactly what we offer you, the ability to ramp up NonStop resource during peak periods and reduce when your project completes or critical seasonal support is no longer required.

Whether it’s extra support to supplement your in-house solution, specialist consultancy for your projects or just some extra on-call cover, TCM can ensure you receive high-quality NonStop service, regardless of your location. We’re bringing this much needed resource right to your doorstep.

For almost a decade, TCM has provided cloud-based solutions to our customer’s in the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, USA, and Asia. We maintain an ethos that whilst our people may be remote, our services are not. We make great efforts to embed into our customer’s organisation with regular onsite presence and engaged service management to ensure we are part of the team. We achieve this through a rigorous solution design methodology, which we apply to all new services, and our ITIL and ISO accredited Service Delivery techniques.


TCM Cloud-based NonStop Solutions

TCM can provide the full end-to-end suite of NonStop services through our Cloud-based solutions, including:

TCM’s breadth of knowledge and depth of experience ensures we are poised to provide the exact services you need, whenever and wherever you need them. We tailor our solutions to suit your emerging requirments and our flexible delivery methods allow us to reach every corner of the globe.

If you want the best for your NonStop estate, then talk to us – The NonStop Experts: dedicated and committed to the development and management of this platform, now and into the future.

For more information on our Cloud-based NonStop services or any other NonStop service requirements come visit TCM at our TBC Booth #33. Alternatively you can reach us at

We look forward to seeing everyone at TBC!