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Canadian Tandem Users Group Update

October 11-12




Time is flying by and we will shortly be holding our major event for the year this year it will be October 11 – 12 at the offices of HPE, Mississauga. The conference will be on the 11th with a day of education for the NonStop community following on the 12th. With each year this event seems to be more engaging than the previous years and with all that has been happening of late we anticipate an even more engaging event as we hear directly from the leaders of HPE and the vendor community.

When it comes to vendor participation, registration is complete and this year there will be sixteen booths spread around the perimeter of the ground floor offices. Vendors too will be giving presentations and already we have their commitments to give nine vendor tracks. The theme for this year’s event will reflect much of what we are seeing in the press and on HPE’s web site which we are calling out under the heading of The Modern NonStop as Part of the Hybrid Infrastructure. You can read more about this on our web site – and yes, expect to see the vendor presentations on our web site shortly.

As for member participation, registration for all members will open on September 11th, please register as soon as possible so we can adequately prepare catering to include your presence. Online registration will close October 5th and we look forward to seeing you for another exciting NonStop community event. When it comes to HPE participation there will be a full program with Jeff Skinner providing the HPE update and then, when it comes to the education day, we will have a good cast of speakers including Paul Denzinger, Keith Moore and John Susini.

As for presentation highlights apart from Jeff Skinner there will be a keynote presentation by OmniPayments CEO, Yash Kapadia that few will want to miss! Yash is among the leaders when it comes to payments solutions providers. OmniPayments runs on NonStop X systems and Yash is calling his presentation “Migrate to NonStop X – No Fuss, No Muss, No Sweat!” Also giving his view on NonStop from the perspective of IT management will be well-known NonStop advocate, Marty Edelman who is calling his talk “Nonstop Innovation – The Journey.”

This year’s CTUG will provide, once again, a very comprehensive coverage of all things NonStop from various points of view and very well worth taking time out to hear firsthand. Should you have any questions feel free to reach out to me or to any other member of the CTUG event committee and make sure you check out our web site where you will find information on how best to contact us. Again, looking forward to seeing as many of you as I can and safe travels!

Dave Harper | President, CTUG Board of Directors