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Case Study: The Value Proposition of Customer Testimonials

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In recent times it has proved difficult for NonStop vendors that say anything more than “a large bank or a large telco has elected to go into production” with a product or a feature. Getting to the point where a NonStop user will add his name to a case study has become a rare occurrence. However, this did not stop NTI from pursuing one customer who has upped their commitment to DRNet® by adding support for Business Integration alongside the use of DRNet® for Business Continuity.

This indeed has been the case with Worldline! Having launched EFTPOS in 1989, Worldline continues to be the leader in local payments. The company processes 70% of New Zealand (Aotearoa) payment transactions across 85,000 merchants, deploying over 150,000 EFTPOS devices.  The company played an important part of New Zealand’s economy growth, providing a trusted service for almost every Kiwi consumer.

Worldline has been a long time customer of NTI having replaced NonStop RDF with DRNet® at a time when they deployed multiple NonStop systems. This was just the start and as the NTI Case Study highlights Worldline became comfortable with the usage of Change Data Capture (CDC) methodologies and soon discovered advantages of using DRNet® to more fully meet their data needs.

Among the highlights of the NTI Case Study are quotes from Worldline, including:

“Log information is also replicated between nodes as we run discreet full system settlement on both nodes. Again, this is to ensure if disasters do strike, we are always able to continue all processing.”

“Being able to replicate data between NonStop systems and then integrate data with Open platforms was not only possible but proved advantageous to the business of Worldline.”

Worldline is a NonStop user that influenced NTI to move deeper into the world of data integration, transformation and distribution that led to the new product packages, DRNet®/Unified for HPE Customers as well as DRNet®/Unified for Business Integration. Today, the NonStop community can know that recent NTI product packages announcements are not simply “slideware” but rather real products meeting real business requirements delivering real benefits NonStop users can readily deploy at any time.

“NTI has been providing increased functionality with DRNet® for some time,” said Tim Dunne, NTI’s Global Director Worldwide Sales. “This functionality followed multiple exchanges with our DRNet® customers that, in turn, led to us offering a number of product packages under the umbrella of DRNet®/Unified. With these product packages, the functionality within our product portfolio can be leveraged in a manner best suited to meeting individual users requirements. What we have witnessed at Worldline happens to be a good example of how such flexibility is put to best use.”

Case Studies provide value in many ways. They help substantiate claims of product capabilities as they go a long way to mitigate any perceived risks associated with deploying something that may be considered new. They help too in accelerating positive business outcomes paving the way for NonStop users to benefit from product capabilities in a timely manner.

It may not always be possible for a vendor to provide a case study relevant to a particular business requirement but in this instance, NTI have managed to do exactly that. Bring to the NonStop community a successful deployment of its latest features associated today with the recently introduced product packages.

To read the NTI Case Study in full, simply follow this,%20NTI/new-zealands-leading-payments-processor-continues-to-rely-on-nti-in-meeting-its-data-needs-with-drnet