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Celebrating 50 Years of Tandem and Future-Proofing NonStop

TIC Software


The New York Tandem User’s Group (NYTUG) meeting was a successful event that brought together partners and users from various organizations, including JPMC, Fiserv, Western Union, and Value Line. The meeting, though small, was filled with a strong sense of community spirit, highlighting the continued relevance and reliability of the NonStop platform.

As we celebrate 50 years of Tandem, it’s essential to not only look back at the platform’s impressive history but also to focus on the future. To ensure NonStop remains a viable and competitive option, we must be proactive and optimistic in our approach to future-proofing the platform.

During my presentation at the NYTUG meeting, I emphasized three key areas that are crucial for future-proofing NonStop: modernizing the platform, exploring new technologies, and investing in people. By modernizing NonStop, we can ensure that it integrates seamlessly with contemporary technologies and meets the evolving needs of businesses. That includes creating a modern UI using products like NuWave’s LightWave Suite, and modern development tools such as NSDEE, NSGit, and VersaTest. These tools allow younger developers to get up to speed more quickly on NonStop by leveraging GUI and modern technology.

Exploring new technologies, such as uLinga for Kafka and cloud integration with S3Utils and AWS, allows NonStop to remain relevant and interoperable with the enterprise. These technologies are becoming standard in enterprise, and their integration with NonStop enables easier interoperability.

Finally, the most important part is investing in people. It is essential to maintain and grow the skills and knowledge of new team members required to support and innovate on the NonStop platform. It was rewarding to see new younger team members from Gravic and Fiserv present at the event.  At TIC, we are developing a fast-track learning program to get people up to speed more quickly using Zoom, lab, quiz, and chunk learning.  We will be announcing new online training programs in the near fu

To achieve these goals, we need more communication and collaboration within the NonStop community. Users, partners, and HPE must work together to share knowledge, experiences, and best practices. User group meetings are crucial as they provide an in-person experience, but we also need more online platforms where users and the community can share information. Publications such as Connect magazine and NonStop Insider are important links for the community to stay informed on relevant issues and the latest developments. By fostering a strong sense of community and collaboration, we can drive innovation and ensure that NonStop continues to meet the needs of businesses for years to come.

As we reflect on the significant milestones and innovations that have contributed to NonStop’s longevity, such as its fault-tolerant architecture and high availability, let us be proactive in exploring new use cases and solutions for the platform. Together, we can future-proof NonStop and ensure its continued success.