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Changing NonStop systems without help from integrators is well, like changing planes in mid-flight!




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Integration and integrators are becoming a hot topic of late. With as much talk as there is about migrations, modernizations and transformations it shouldn’t come as a surprise that enterprises everywhere are looking for outside help. In many instances, their IT staff is focused on the issues of today and in so doing, may not be up to speed on all that is new and emerging. Take IoT for instance and the Intelligent Edge – how many iterations of distributed computing have most IT staff participated in let alone are knowledgeable about all the steps required in order for a successful deployment?

When it comes to changes within financial institutions, there is also the added factor of open banking and the inroads being made by fintechs. Banks are under pressure to move quickly and to adjust to rapidly shrinking deadlines – from their stakeholders, their partners and yes, their customers. OmniPayments has a depth of experience as a system integrator that dates back more than two decades and some of the biggest banks and indeed retailers as well have come to trust OmniPayments with their projects. Whether it is migrations of point solutions, modernization of systems or much larger transformation of entire data centers, OmniPayments has done it all.

For the last couple of months it would have been difficult to miss the articles written and the presentations given where OmniPayments has covered the work it jointly undertook with JCPenney. OmniPayments is a strong believer in teamwork and this was evident in the response that came from JCPenney. It is also a strong believer in coexistence – its Fraud Blocker solution, OmniPayments Preauthorization engine, can coexist for instance with popular payments switch product offerings.

When it came to JCPenney, the teamwork in evidence at this big American retailer together with the capability of the OmniPayments solution to coexist led to the following observation by Austin Tapscott, Senior Manager 3rd Party Operations, “OmniPayemtns could coexist with our existing applications and this allowed us to reuse our investments while transitioning to a new modern architecture.” It also led to observations about the team by Melissa Pint, SVP Information Technology JCPenney, “The dedication and sense of urgency of the team was simply exceptional. No question was too trivial.”

To hear more about OmniPayments, including updates about JCPenney, make sure you attend the upcoming presentation by OmniPayments CEO, Yash Kapadia, at this year’s European Technical Boot Camp (ETBC) hosted by BITUG where OmniPayments is a Platinum Sponsor. If you have as yet not read this presentation’s abstract, as published by the ETBC committee, you can read it here –

Learn how JCPenney, a large American retailer, saved money on their transaction processing costs while at the same time modernizing their infrastructure. JCPenney, founded in 1902, is a department store chain and an American institution. They rely on their payments systems for high availability and Omni-Channel support. Customers can securely purchase goods on the internet, in-store and via their mobile handsets.

Recently, JCPenney selected OmniPayments for their new Switch. This gave JCPenney a modern platform to grow its payments ecosystem and adopt new transaction types. The full payments switch migration was done in six months.

In the current competitive retailer space modernization in the payments ecosystem is critical and inevitable. JCPenney had the courage to change their switch and we will share their experience in the process.

There are a number of new projects under way in Latin America about which more will be forthcoming in the near future, but for all attendees at ETBC 2019, make sure you take advantage of the presence of Yash to hear a lot more about OmniPayments – its partnerships and teams and the modernization, migration and transformation projects OmniPayments is currently pursuing. Should these be of interest to you and your enterprise, make sure you stop by the OmniPayments booth and talk to the team. They will be only too happy to talk to you about OmniPayments and how best it can be of help to you and your enterprise.

Yash Kapadia | CEO | tel +1 408 446 9274