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Comforte at the NonStop TBC and a security analyst’s view of comforte as a Data Security Platform leader



The NonStop user community will get together at the NonStop TBC from 12-14 Sept 2023 in Denver to learn about the latest trends and developments in the NonStop space and exchange ideas with HPE, vendors and fellow NonStop users.

Here is a little preview of what comforte will present at the NonStop TBC:

  1. Scan the HPE NonStop for all your sensitive data!
    Learn how to scan for PII and PAN data on the HPE NonStop
    Ed Adams, comforte

  2. Kafka on the NonStop – releasing the Data
    Data is the new oil! We will show you how to refine and unlock your data from the HPE NonStop to the cloud and beyond.
    Ed Adams, comforte and Andrew Price, Infrasoft

Comforte’s focus for many years has been on data-centric security on HPE NonStop and other platforms. Vendors must provide solutions to challenges that organisations face and are critical to their business. The point of view of analyst firms becomes an important guideline for companies to evaluate these solutions and vendors.

KuppingerCole is a security analyst, and they had a closer look at comforte and its Data Security Platform.

A Data Security Platform Leader: What KuppingerCole has to Say About comforte

Tech innovation moves pretty fast. But as the landscape continues to evolve and expand, it becomes increasingly difficult for IT buyers to find the time to do effective due diligence on prospective suppliers. Given the critical importance of security tools in mitigating serious business risks, the stake couldn’t be higher. This is where independent analyst reports come in. They can do much to share a vendor-neutral perspective on the market, key trends and the product features IT security leaders should be looking out for.

That’s why we were delighted to read KuppingerCole’s latest Data Security Platforms analysis. It cites comforte as one of the seven “overall leaders” in this fast-evolving space.

Doing the job

Just as with technology and cybersecurity in general, the data security market is rapidly advancing. The KuppingerCole report itself is testament to this: it has been updated four times now in the past five years and has been renamed from an original title of Database and Big Data Security. As the analyst explains in the new edition of the report, modern data ecosystems contain more than the database itself, and big data as a concept now is pretty much irrelevant – it is all simply “data.”

At the same time, the challenges of securely storing, processing and exchanging data have never been more pronounced. On average it costs nearly $4.4m to deal with a data breach today, rising significantly for organizations handling large volumes of records. Yet which data is most at risk? The report’s author argues that often it is data that appears at first glance to hold no intrinsic value. That is, the value comes when it is transformed into insight and information through processes like analytics.

For this reason, the ideal data security platform should be able to support processes like analytics without introducing new roadblocks, KuppingerCole argues. This is certainly the approach comforte has taken in partnerships with cloud-based data warehousing vendor Snowflake and others. We look to maintain data utility in such use cases without compromising on security.

More generally, the report argues that “an ideal data security solution does its job and does not get in the way.” Business users simply want all their data to be safe – wherever it is and at all times. Tracking it across the enterprise, understanding which data is most sensitive according to internal policies and external regulations, and applying appropriate protections, is critical. This is where comforte comes in.

From strength to strength

KuppingerCole looks at “leaders” in four sections of its report: across product, market, innovation and overall. Leaders like comforte sell products which are “exceptionally strong in certain areas.” The comforte Data Security Platform is rated across five areas: security, functionality, deployment, interoperability and usability. It scores a maximum of 5/5 on the first four categories and 4/5 on usability. As a vendor, comforte also scores highly for innovation, market position, financial strength and its ecosystem.

The comforte Data Security Platform is described as a: “highly scalable and fault-tolerant data masking and tokenization solution which has grown into a full-fledged data security platform … tailored specifically for critical use cases that do not allow even minimal downtime.”

Among the highlights noted by KuppingerCole are:

“Since our last review, comforte AG has not just significantly grown its market footprint and financial strength but invested a lot of effort into turning its capable but still fairly specialized solution into a full-featured data security platform,” the report explains. It goes on to note our incorporation of third-party classification technology to provide native capabilities direct from the platform. And increased coverage to support integrations with relational and NoSQL databases, data warehouses and cloud-native data stores.

That’s the story so far. And the good news is we’ve got plenty more to come.


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