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comForte launches SecurDPS solution at 2016 NonStop Technical Boot Camp

Participating in user events is important for comForte as it gives us the opportunity to present solutions and gather new requirements …




comForte has been a longtime supporter of user events no matter where in the world they may be held. For this reason, when the time comes to participate in the biggest NonStop event for the year, the 2016 NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC), comForte ensures that it has the full support of the company. The 2016 event proved to be no exception, with one of the largest ever turnout from comForte in attendance.

From being on hand to discuss products and features at the comForte stand in the exhibition hall to holding pre-conference workshops on a number of subjects to giving presentations both individually as well as jointly with HPE, it was hard to miss the comForte team and their unique green livery was particularly hard to miss about which comments have already appeared in blog posts and commentaries.

For a day by day summary of what took place over the course of the event, follow the link to Jonathan Deveaux’s blog post, NonStop TBC – bright future of NonStop. comForte launches new enterprise tokenization solution. Retiring CEO, Dr. Michael Rossbach, was feted at a special customer dinner Sunday night that was well attended and later in the week Dr. Rossbach became the recipient of “Volunteer of the Year” award, as determined by the Connect Worldwide committee. Networking across the NonStop community has always been a key benefit from attending the TBC and there were many occasions when being able to enjoy one-on-one time with the NonStop community had its advantages.

However, TBC has always proved to be a good venue to launch new products and this year’s was no exception. While comForte offers a number of solutions for security, connectivity and modernization, for many within the NonStop community comForte is best known for its security solutions. During the event comForte introduced the NonStop community to its latest solution, SecurDPS. When it comes to deploying SecurDPS, NonStop users will find that it integrates with applications transparently leveraging the proven comForte Intercept technology.



SecurDPS is a powerful Data Protection Suite using tokenization and encryption to protect mission critical data. Its roots are in the well-known SecurData product, extended to protect data from NonStop systems to other systems within the Enterprise. The basis for the SecurDPS product suite is the flexible and sophisticated integration framework, which allows introducing additional data protection layers for existing and new applications, in many cases even without changing any code in the respective application. With SecurDPS comForte is now even better positioned to provide NonStop customers with more choices than other providers when it comes to data security.

For comForte, user events will always provide opportunities for the comForte team to meet with users. There is always a time too for engaging senior HPE NonStop development staff even as it is also an opportunity to engage with other vendors within the growing NonStop ecosystem. However, whether large or small, the real measure of success from our participation in these events always comes down to the many discussions that take place with the potential to progress joint business opportunities and 2016 TBC was no exception. We thank all in the community who took time to stop by to talk with us and we look forward to seeing many of you again at future events.