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comForte modernizes payment applications on HPE NonStop

HPE has done a terrific job modernizing NonStop systems; isn’t it time to look more intently at modernizing the applications?




When it comes to modernization of NonStop systems and the solutions deployed on them, HPE has done so much of late to embrace industry standards and open software that customers are now redirecting their own attention back to the solutions. The new NonStop X family of systems, based on the Intel x86 architecture, is now as contemporary as any other system offering and porting the latest application to NonStop X is a lot less onerous. NonStop X is competitive with any other x86 cluster but with the added value of fault tolerance and the complete, integrated software stack that includes support for key middleware offerings including SQL, Java, SOAP / XML, HTML5, etc. – all the prerequisites required of today’s modern applications.

However, against this backdrop and with attention being given to the numerous, proven legacy applications still running on NonStop, customers are turning to vendors like comForte in order to modernize these applications. “These customers are facing many business and technology challenges. They need to innovate and bring new products and services to market at ever increasing speeds yet need to ensure that the current business logic can support these initiatives,” explained Thomas Gloerfeld, VP Marketing, comForte. Furthermore, when it comes to modernization, “It is paramount in today’s world to keep critical data secure; security needs to be woven into the IT fabric and every business process to effectively counter the escalating cyber-attacks we all are witnessing.”

When it comes to legacy applications running on NonStop systems today, perhaps the most widely deployed application is BASE24 from ACI Worldwide. While it continues to provide considerable value to those Financial Institutions (FIs) running networks of ATMs and POSs, there is also a growing demand to support a rapidly changing world of customer engagement – from branch offices to secure networks to mobile devices, change is occurring at almost every level in the way FIs operate. And it’s happening too quickly to either rip-and-replace existing applications with new applications or even upgrade existing applications with newer versions – there’s simply too much invested in the customization of current business logic. Turning to a vendor like comForte that can modernize what is already in use represents the lowest risk, lowest cost alternative to either approaches and with comForte, having already modernized numerous BASE24 applications, customers can lean on the experience that comForte has gained through the years.

This is the theme of a recent post to the comForte Lounge blog, Modernizing Payment Applications on HPE NonStop – Hype or Hope? “Right now, there are two fundamental challenges to modernizing applications on the NonStop platform. The first is the sheer amount of high-visibility developments taking place in the Linux, Unix, and Windows (LUW) world. This is especially true for mobile and web payments applications,” writes Gloerfeld. And then, “the second challenge is that NonStop, ‘out of the box’ (e.g. with BASE24), cannot directly talk to other applications in the LUW world. LUW’s current and likely future role in mobile and web applications and platforms guarantees continued relevance.”

comForte has been involved in may modernization projects for customers over the years. As an example, these three projects were carried out recently:

HPE has made rapid progress over the past couple of years to ensure its new NonStop X systems are as modern as any competitive offering. Committed to industry standards and open software in support of all of its internal applications, HPE IT is now building its latest technology deployments centered on NonStop X systems. If NonStop X systems meet all of HPE’s expectations for modern systems, it’s clear that there is very little of NonStop’s traditional and proprietary components remaining. When it comes to FIs, even if they upgrade to NonStop X, they still need to take a closer look at the applications, particularly when it is BASE24 that is deployed. And when they do, these FIs should take a really good long hard look at what comForte provides as they will more than likely like what they see. Should they have questions or need further information then all they need to do is to reach out to Gloerfeld – he is only too happy to talk to any FI running BASE24 looking to modernize!

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