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comForte supports multiple communications channels

eBITUG brings attention to major user community events but comForte leverages multiple communications channels to keep the NonStop community well informed




As the NonStop community heads to London for eBITUG, this year’s major pan-European event, it was only a few short days ago that the GTUG-Connect event was held in Hannover, Germany. “In fact, the conference took place at the Robotation Academy which is located right in the Center of the Hannover Messe,” said Dr. Michael Rossbach who led the event. The Hannover Messe is one of the largest industrial fairs in the world and attendance from the NonStop community was quite good considering the upcoming eBITUG that many German companies will be supporting as well. As a side benefit to participation, explained Rossbach, “after a day and a half of presentations and workshops, the afternoon of the second day was free for everyone to visit the Messe. There was a HPE booth but attendees could walk around the entire Messe to see everything on display.” And of course, “next year GTUG will once again host the pan-European event in Germany – most likely in either Frankfurt or Leipzig.”

For comForte, these events are a very important element in our program to promote and educate the NonStop community on all the products and features comForte provides – opportunities to discuss business problems and to explain value propositions are key to the continued success of the company. The events are just one element and increasingly social media remains an important communication channel. With eBITUG there will be a lot of time for face-to-face exchanges but between events, the best way to find out anything at all from any vendor, including comForte, it is best to check the posts to their blogs on the web site and to read their newsletters delivered via email.

Two recent posts to the web site blog are worth revisiting. In the March 13, 2017, post With the Data Tsunami fast approaching, how do CXOs address data security? Tackling the topic of data, we note how Data is basically generated and gathered from, well, almost anything. Much of the buzz lately is about IoT or the “Internet of Things”. IoT represents any device that produces data – smartphones, watches, refrigerators, toasters, cars, even electronic sensors at power plants or on train tracks – you name it. These devices can typically collect and connect so that the data can be accumulated and analyzed. IoT already creates huge volumes of data and by 2020 there will be around 25 billion connected ‘things’ according to Gartner (How much Data Will The Internet of Things (IoT) Generate by 2020?).

With all that data that is generated, it is also valuable to criminals. Almost any kind of data can be sold on the Dark Web for money or other things. For example, valid credit card numbers sell for an average of $7 each (A Darknet Site Currently Offers Credit Cards) and even US Tax W-2 records are available for up to $20 each (Shopping for W2s, Tax Data on the Dark Web). Many CISOs and CIOs were in the process of educating the Board on current and key cybersecurity attack vectors, what data security technology is available, risks from not following regulations, and were taking board members down a journey highlighting their efforts to prevent cyber-attacks (or minimize damage as a result). “Keep the message simple and not too technical” was the best way to get the Board to pay attention and to make decisions in this area. To read the rest of the post, go to this link …

Tackling modernization was the subject of an earlier post, Modernizing Payment Applications on HPE NonStop – Hype or Hope? and it remains a popular read as it touches a nerve with just about every member of the NonStop community. Every NonStop user today running any solution on the NonStop platform almost by definition faces the need to update the solution in part or in whole simply because what is being called the user experience continues to change. This leaves users with choosing between three options for modernizing these solutions. The first is to develop a new application from scratch. The second modernization option is to replace an existing payments application with a new one.

The third option is “in-place” modernization. As the name suggests, this option leaves the core legacy application in place while modernizing and/or extending it. This option is the least expensive, least risky, and most expedient. It guarantees the continued availability of all existing functionality. To read more about how comForte helps out with option three, go to this link …

Social media channels and events combined with regular updates that come through onsite presentations are all important elements of staying well informed about the investments members of the NonStop vendor community continue to make in the NonStop platform. With eBITUG about to get under way, there will be a lot of attention given to what the HPE NonStop team have to say just as there will be a lot of attention given to the vendors. comForte will be providing a number of company and product updates and we look forward to seeing you in the audience. And if you would like to get more information, you can always stop by our booth as we will be only too happy to cover these as well as any other topics of interest with you at that time. Safe travels and we look forward to seeing many of you shortly!

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