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Community Spotlight: Dieter Orlowski

Community Spotlight



In the first column to shine a spotlight on NonStop community members, it is Dieter Orlowski who proved to be the ideal candidate for such a column. It would be difficult to find any member of the NonStop community that hasn’t run across Dieter’s global travels, given his rich history of representing vendors in the solutions and infrastructure marketplaces. A longtime supporter of community events, it is to his credit that after such assignments he elected to launch his own consulting company – DO Consulting LLC. The goal of his latest endeavor is to bring to the community’s attention solutions and infrastructure that may otherwise be overlooked even by the most attentive of NonStop community members.

“I started my company on 9/2019,” Dieter told NonStop Insider. “Today I am involved with multiple vendors that have provided me with assignments that have allowed me to once again engage with members of the NonStop community with whom I have interfaced for many years. It is now affording me an opportunity to leverage my relationship building and business development skills as part of my management consulting offerings that is taking me in an altogether different direction than in previous years. Security will always be a mainstay of my expertise, but of late, there is an increased focus on data.”

The most recent addition to Dieter’s list of partners is Data443. The name may not be all that familiar to community members who are more likely recognize the name of DataExpress. It was just a couple of years ago that Data443 purchased the company behind DataExpress renaming it Data Placement Manager. If you missed the most recent press release from Data443 you will have missed the news that a major renewal took place that attracted considerable attention:

Data443 Wins Multi-Year Contract with Major US Energy Provider with Over 30,000 Employees

3 Year Contract Delivers Data Governance and Entity Extraction with Machine Learning Capabilities – Reducing Risk Profile

“Once again, we have succeeded in winning a multi-year commitment from a strong financial institution that places much trust in our capabilities and technology. Moving data between jurisdictions, organizations, and legal zones continues to be a high-priority issue for most organizations, and our new licensing and subscription models continue to attract large commitments. We help to alleviate that and continue to innovate in that space,” concluded Jason Remillard, Data443’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

To read the full press release just follow this link:

When it comes to Data443, Dieter is the account manager for its Data443 enterprise accounts using the Managed File Transfer Solution on HPE NonStop and Open platforms. “With Data443 I am currently working on a virtual appliance running the cores of the MFT solution on NonStop and the Gateways on Linux or Windows,” said Dieter. “This setup would give customers the best availability and scalability with running the core on NonStop and the highest flexibility with running the Gateways on Linux or Windows – and being certified on Azure, GCP and AWS, as well as private cloud like VMWare, Proxmoxand Nutanix.. It would set new standards for MFT solutions

Prior to his engagement with Data433 Dieter had engagements with TANDsoft and Nexbridge that continue to this day. Now Dieter has the opportunity to divide his time equally among all three NonStop vendors and, in so doing, provides Dieter with ample opportunity to interact with a broad spectrum of NonStop users.

“My first assignment was with Nexbridge for Management Consulting including Business Development. In this capacity I was able to support Nexbridge in its endeavor to become part of the HPE Showcase Program where Nexbridge succeeded. As for TANDsoft that according to Dieter is the most exciting story to date.

“Enhanced products, new solutions, new hiring and new (large) customers – it doesn‘t get any better. The new solution we are looking forward to beta testing with customers right now is E-2-S 4.0, an enhanced version of the Enscribe-to-SQL toolkit Jack (DiGiacomo) had for years that now supports SQL/MX,” said Dieter.

“And then there are the fantastic and super-fast solutions to compare or synchronize files using 56K blocks instead of record-by-record where we see customers drifting away from Autosync and Shadowbase compare. Of course we are excited to have concluded a marketing program with NTI where TANDsoft has enjoyed a fruitful relationship for many years.

Yet again another NonStop vendor focused on data, or as Dieter likes to say, “From a technology perspective, the TANDsoft products are outstanding! Together, we have successfully launched 2 new products (FS Compare and Repair and FS Backup and Restore) while finalizing the roll-out of a solution to enable customers to modernize their applications replacing Enscribe directly with SQL/MX databases via intercept technology: No application changes are required to support a smooth and painless migration for the customers!”

To reach Dieter you can always email him at:

None of the above should come as a surprise to any member of the NonStop community as Dieter has been a regular presence at all major NonStop events worldwide. Here at NonStop Insider we welcome such enthusiastic support of all things NonStop and in so doing, it’s a pleasure to have featured Dieter in our first community spotlight, a new feature of NonStop Insider publication we have introduced this year.

Look for further columns to follow in the coming months. And to Dieter our best wishes for future success this year and beyond.