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Conferences and events continue to be virtual; NonStop TBC 2021 switches from in-person to virtual.



There was a time not that long ago when everything virtual was cool. The push to support virtual reality led to many innovative product launches that at first were simply geared towards providing additional support to gamers. Virtual reality added a level of immersive experience otherwise missing from any two-dimension representation and business was quick to pick up on the value provided by doing some things virtually.

In the pharmaceutical world it was quickly realized that stepping into the production of a new vaccine and view the chemical process under way was a real breakthrough in understanding all that took place as different elements interacted with each other. Imagine being able to step inside a steelworks blast furnace to observe the reactions as they happened, modelled in software of course, but representative of what was taking place.

The investment HPE made in NonStop to allow it to run virtually on hypervisors that underpin solutions such as VMware has been well received by the NonStop community. This investment is continuing even as the move to hybrid IT takes hold and the need to run on x86 processors of different vendors is now a possibility (so long as access to networking fabrics is in place). So even here, among our NonStop customers, “going virtual” continues to be seen as pursuing something good.

For TCM, there is the inevitability of virtual …

When it comes to industry associations that for decades have held in-person events, the transition to holding events virtually seems inevitable. Of course, the global pandemic can be considered the catalyst for such a transition, but even so, being able to attract attendees from around the world without having any of them seeking travel budgets, is a significant contributor to the success of such virtual events. All you need to do is to check in with HPE to see how happy they are with the past two years of HPE Discover being put on as a virtual experience.

At TCM we too have seen the transformation in the way information is conveyed. Like so many of our clients, we have seen the changes that have been brought about by the adoption of virtual interaction. Like many of these clients we too have adjusted to spending time with our clients in ZOOM, Teams and the likes. Whereas in the past it had been our preference for meeting in-person we have made the adjustment to the new world of virtual meetings, conferences and events.  There definitely is an upside to not having to spend our time on planes getting to the global NonStop community we serve.

Virtual is accelerating the growth of TCM’s NonStop service solutions…

Whilst the pandemic has brought the need for flexible, virtual working into sharp focus, for TCM, we have been working in this manner for almost a decade. We identified the value in adopting virtual NonStop solutions, in that they provide the means of delivering high quality NonStop solutions to all corners of the globe. Indeed, as the pool of highly skilled NonStop resource contracts in many regions, TCM are actively replacing this with our virtual services, back not merely by our team of technical experts, but also by a service management function that has been designed with remote, distanced working in mind. Indeed, our mantra has been that although our services may be delivered remotely, they do not have to feel that way. We expend great effort, and utilise many service and technological solutions to ensure all of our services, whether this be systems management all the way through to system migrations, feel like they are integrated into our Customers’ operations, and are just another part of the team.

Our belief that this method is the best way forward for NonStop remains resolute, with the issues caused by the pandemic only compounding the benefits of a virtual approach.

TCM fully supports all NonStop-focused events …

Like everyone we have talked to over the past year we do need NonStop-focused events and yes, virtual may not be as cool as in-person events of the past but we are getting used to it. TCM hopes that like everything associated with the global pandemic how events are held will be re-evaluated to some degree but whether we see a return to in-person or a continuation of virtual events, we have adapted and will happily continue to support the NonStop community whichever path it elects to follow.

This year the Connect organization together with the NonStop team has demonstrated a level of flexibility that will ensure many more NonStop users will be able to participate in the event. The agenda is published and is being promoted right now. It is extensive and caters to all users’ interests. It certainly will continue to feel different from former events in Burlingame, California, but then, that is to be expected. We are a Silver Sponsor of the event and we hope to enjoy your virtual presence even as we look forward to a day when we can all once again meet in-person.

In the meantime, should you have any questions about TCM and the services we provide to the NonStop user community don’t hesitate in reaching out to us as we would be only too happy to hear from you.

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