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Creating Enhanced Payments



Despite the claims of some vendors, you cannot just buy a commercially agile future out of the box. You just cannot.
At Lusis Payments, our purpose is to simplify and perfect Retail Payments processing. We have been solving the world’s payments processing needs for decades using our robust TANGO software. We have earned a trusted reputation for delivering the highest quality solutions with sustained commercial agility.  So, what are the ingredients of commercial agility?

Embrace a Strategy of Change
An organization’s true competitive advantage comes from the strength of the relationships it builds with its customers, and its ability to adapt faster than its competitors. This is a journey of continual and accelerating change. Adopting a ‘Do It Later’ policy is a fool’s errand. Everything is about learning, starting later may simply be too late!

The enduring tragedy of clinging to legacy infrastructure is the insidious creepage of business constraints into the organizational processes. Ultimately, these constraining inflexibilities pollute the Corporate Thinking, be it in strategic vision, in resource investments, or in operational targets and budgets.

TANGO has been developed using the principle of “Configuration Not Code”. Consequently, customers can easily adapt TANGO to leverage new partners and services. Additionally, TANGO’s microservices architecture and robust Data Bus make it the most extensible Retail payments platform available. 

Learning Is Everything
If you are not changing your behavior, you are not learning anything. Making change an organizational habit is a team sport that has clear implications for Governance and Compliance policies. Nurturing adaptive change also has profound implications for how you architect your new solution. Most significantly, testing moves to the center stage. A strong and precisely managed testing function is a critical facilitator of change. Without advanced testing capabilities you will struggle to manage the collective risks and emotions that are an inescapable facet of change.
“Experiment. Fail three out of five times. If that’s not your ratio, you’re not experimenting, but waiting for enough information to act. You can’t escape the mediocre that way.” – Temel Guzeloglu, Chief Executive Officer QNB Finansbank, Turkey

Personalized Consumer Journeys

Each service touchpoint is a relationship building opportunity, whether the consumer is your own customer or ‘just’ a guest. Modern consumers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and demanding in how their needs are met. If you can’t do it, they will find others who will. True loyalty is founded on earned respect – not tradition. Personalizing the consumer’s experiences is a crucial ingredient for empowering consumer trust and organizational growth.
TANGO provides the ultimate in workflow flexibility including the ability to configure any combination of processing rules based on any message data elements. For example, processing services could be personalized based on card BINs, card types, merchant type, or time of day.   

Pick the Right Partners
Choosing the right teammates to match your own vision and ethos, and agreeing how you will work together, are possibly the most important decisions you can make. Too often, organizations start their partner selection with a feature-by-feature checklist of off-the-shelf solutions. This strategy only perpetuates the status quo and fosters an inability to react to new growth opportunities.

“Rethink your partners to ensure you are among partners that deliver what is needed, and readily embrace the principles of co-evolving solution journeys.”

Sustained success requires a journey of continuous problem solving, where WHO you work with, and HOW you work together, has a higher impact on your successes than the fine detail of WHAT you start with. A “Pick What’s There” mindset fails because your needs will change faster than you think – because the game changes faster than you can predict.

Lusis’ customers enjoy long term benefits from TANGO as a result of its superior technology, and from Lusis’ decades of experience in delivering and supporting advanced Retail payments solution.  

Brian Miller
General Manager
Lusis Payments
315 Montgomery Street #900 
San Francisco CA 94104
​(+1) 415 829 4577