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CSP – A diamond sponsor of NonStop Technical Boot Camp



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There’s no doubt that security has become a very hot issue in recent years. This applies to the NonStop just as much as any other platform. Barely a week passes by without one headline or another drawing attention to an enterprise that failed to take the steps necessary to protect their customers’ data. Here at CSP we read the same headlines even as we remain focused on security but perhaps our message isn’t quite as well-known as that being marketed by other members of the NonStop vendor community. Thus we saw stepping up to the Diamond sponsorship of the upcoming NonStop Technical Boot Camp (2017 TBC) as a natural progression as our business has expanded.

Computer Security Products Inc., (CSP) provides trusted, quality security solutions for NonStop and Linux® servers. Since 1988, CSP has been passionately working with customers to satisfy their NonStop security needs by building easy to use and cost-effective security management solutions. Our many clients span the globe in the Banking, Telecommunications, Medical, and Financial service sectors. CSP’s head office is located in Mississauga (Canada), and is the base for our product development and support center.

CSP provides worldwide support services, both directly and through its network of distributors and partners. Our customer support analysts and consultants are available to address any questions related to the installation, management and customization of our solutions. CSP is committed to providing best-in-class security solutions for Guardian, OSS, UNIX, and virtual NonStop environments. We continue to add new products to our portfolio and enhance existing solutions with new features and functions.

We’ve made significant investments in the NonStop community this year. Perhaps you heard about our Evening at Aqua Shard event that we held for the EBITUG Attendees in May? That proved to be a big success for CSP and a great networking event where everyone had a great time and continue to talk about to this day. We like to give back to the community which has made us so successful which is just one more another reason why we are hosting the Welcome Reception at 2017 TBC.

As far as the NonStop security market is concerned we are definitely carving out a very specific niche in that area. We do have a new product to announce at TBC and it’s called Verify EliteTM . It’s frankly just one of the best compliance solutions for NonStop that is available. And of course you may have heard about our web based security solution, Protect–X®.  Protect–X® provides security hardening using HTML5 and a browser interface. It has a huge amount of functionality for Safeguard and OSS security and although its original function was to secure the NonStop system, according to best practices, we’re extending it way beyond that to include a variety of open platforms including Linux and Unix.

In a general sense, we have found that customers are looking for choices in their NonStop security solutions. While there are some package solutions that HPE includes from other vendors, we have seen an uptick in the interest in our solutions because they provide a unique and valuable solution to real life problems for the customer.  This is what NonStop users have told us and it is consistent with what we have been witnessing first-hand.

As NonStop adds support for virtual machines, we have also taken into consideration the future of NonStop security. This means that you need to look after the virtual machine security and the open platform (including Linux security), as well as the NonStop Kernel itself. That’s why our new product Protect-X® is targeted at multi-platform security management and hardening.

For more information on CSP’s NonStop security and compliance solutions, visit our booth at the 2017 TBC and attend our exciting presentation “The Future of NonStop Security” on Tuesday, Nov 14 at 1:00 p.m. in the Regency Ballroom.

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