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CSP: Join us at NonStop TBC 2023



NonStop TBC 2023 is only a matter of weeks away, and this year’s event will be a memorable experience.

As a Platinum Sponsor of this year’s conference, CSP will focus on helping NonStop users to secure their systems and applications. We anticipate that security topics will take center stage at TBC, as this year’s conference is all about resilience, whether it is digital resilience, business resilience, or cyber-security resilience.

And what better starting point for securing your NonStop Systems than knowing who is accessing the applications that run on the NonStop environment? PCI-DSS 4.0 now requires authenticating users and establishing access controls. CSP developed Authenticator +, a cloud-native multi-factor authentication solution that leverages modern cloud-based frameworks to provide flexibility and scalability.

However, when it comes to resilience, knowing who is accessing your system is only the first step in protecting your critical information. How sure are NonStop managers about the configuration of user access permissions and the security settings for each user profile? CSP has created a unique solution to aid NonStop managers in understanding potential security vulnerabilities in their NonStop Systems, CSP Vulnerability Scanner.

We recognize that NonStop users require a non-disruptive solution that is simple to use and provides comprehensive reports to detect abnormalities present in your NonStop System. Consider CSP Vulnerability Scanner is our response to those requests and will be featured in our presentation at this year’s NonStop TBC 2023, along with CSP Authenticator +.

Whether an enterprise is looking to create superior defenses against ransomware attacks, establish early detection systems to prevent hacking attempts or address compliance requirements, the corporate world must constantly adapt to maintain the integrity of its critical data and applications. Resilience is the theme of the conference, and we will showcase the range of security solutions we offer to help organizations reduce their exposure to vulnerabilities and improve their resilience to unknown threats.

CSP will also introduce the Global NS Partner Alliance to the broader community at TBC 2023. We encourage all HPE NonStop Partners to join the Alliance. Whether you develop solutions or provide services for the NonStop platform, this initiative is meant to increase awareness and provide a one-stop shop for everything NonStop. There have already been several early adopters, and as a company that already supports this initiative, CSP is encouraged by the acceptance the community has shown for the Global NS Partner Alliance.

As we head toward the commencement of the conference, CSP would like to thank everyone who has expressed an interest in supporting the Global NS Partner Alliance. It is an opportunity for the NonStop community to engage with users and benefit from this new partner ecosystem. Get a sneak preview of the GNSPA website by following the link below.

CSP is at the forefront of initiatives that unite the NonStop community. We recognize that there is a need for tools that will assist users in finding solutions that improve their experience on the NonStop platform. At the same time, the GNSPA portal will help promote the solutions and services of all HPE partners. And what better place to showcase this alliance than at TBC 2023. We hope to see you there!

Visit the CSP website to learn more about CSP Authenticator +, CSP Vulnerability Scanner, and our complete suite of security solutions available for NonStop Systems.

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