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CSP to showcase new vendor relations, new marketing partnerships, and just announced solutions at NonStop TBC 22



The return to in-person events may have caught some communities by surprise. However, for the NonStop community, these events have always been about networking, communicating requirements, and evaluating today’s modern solutions for the NonStop ecosystem. A chance to dive deep into what might best meet the needs of your enterprise today!

NonStop users have never shied away from discussing technology, architectures, and products with anyone who will listen. Given the return to in-person events, there will be no shortage of ears anxious to hear about the needs of the NonStop community, just as NonStop users will be paying attention to what the NonStop vendor community has to say. When it comes to security, there are not many topics that are of greater interest. There are too many headlines about enterprises whose security efforts proved flawed. This oversight can quickly damage an organization’s reputation. Since NonStop systems interact directly with enterprise end-users, they are at the forefront of the ongoing battle to suppress any possible attacks.

CSP Security has built our business on protecting NonStop Systems. We have been doing so for over thirty years, and we offer the NonStop community a choice for securing their NonStop systems. At a time when no single solution can ever meet every enterprise’s security requirements, CSP continues to demonstrate our ongoing investment in NonStop by providing security solutions that are in step with where IT is headed, whether virtualized, hybrid, or cloud. To better extend our marketing reach, CSP recently reached an agreement with NTI. Based on the premise that it is in the interest of all members of the NonStop community to strengthen the vendor community through collaboration. Together CSP and NTI realize that the value in pursuing such a goal is to broaden the options available to all members of the NonStop user community, as having a choice only adds to the overall value proposition of NonStop. 

“Preventing and detecting security breaches, data loss prevention,
and disaster recovery are some of the most sensitive and mission-critical functions. Customers need vendors that use modern technologies to meet today’s challenges and stay ahead of the curve in adopting new technologies
to address the evolving threat landscape.”

Peter Mehta,
Head of Sales
Computer Security Products, Inc.

CSP has also partnered with Pyalla Technologies, LLC., to strengthen our marketing efforts. Pyalla has a proven track record in marketing, and its presence across multiple social media channels is well-known to the NonStop community. Pyalla has also been responsible for modernizing its client’s websites, even as it readily steps in to support NonStop community events whenever circumstances dictate.

“Teaming with Margo Holen and Richard Buckle is a logical choice for CSP. We have observed their work with other HPE Partners and the NonStop community and recognize the value of working with them to achieve CSP’s goals.”

Henry Fonseca
General Manager
Computer Security Products, Inc.

New vendor relations and new marketing partnerships are always exciting, but with NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2022 (NonStopTBC22) around the corner, perhaps the bigger news story is what CSP will be presenting at this annual NonStop event. 

As a Platinum Sponsor, we have an opportunity to present two exciting new solutions for securing NonStop applications, CSP Authenticator+®, and the new Vulnerability Scanner™. These new solutions have been the highlights of our most recent presentations, including BITUG and CTUG, and are generating considerable interest within the NonStop community. 

CSP Authenticator+® supports numerous authentication factors for NonStop and makes it easier to implement a zero-trust model. The new CSP Authenticator+ cloud-native application was developed using a modern cloud-based framework. This redesign focuses on providing security, flexibility, and scalability. It will prove beneficial for ensuring multi-factor authentication, given that the new cloud-native application supports high availability, Kubernetes deployments, and additional features.

CSP Authenticator+ Key Features:

Extending this solution to address the needs of those NonStop users whose information is processed and stored within cloud services is of great importance today. Many enterprises have suffered security breaches because they relied on obsolete, misaligned, or ineffective policies. CSP Authenticator+ allows organizations to enforce a unified security policy, regardless of whether access is onsite or through the cloud.

CSP Vulnerability Scanner™ provides a new vulnerability scanning and reporting solution for HPE NonStop systems. The tool analyzes risks and identifies vulnerabilities by checking the NonStop system configuration, access permissions, and security settings. It generates insightful reports for users and recommends changes to improve the security posture.

What makes it an effective tool is its simplicity and ease of deployment. It readily addresses where risks and identity vulnerabilities may lie. It achieves this by checking the NonStop system configuration, access permissions, and security settings. It generates insightful reports for users and recommends changes to improve the security posture. 

Vulnerability Scanner Key Features:

NonStop users have several options available, but with CSP, the user’s experience is of paramount importance. In this instance, the end user can be any mix of NonStop system manager, operator, or developer where the onus has always been on CSP to make it a workable option. With the Vulnerability Scanner, NonStop users have reached the same conclusion, and of late, this new solution has been the center of many discussions with the CSP user community.

To hear more about our solutions, visit the CSP booth at NonStopTBC22 and attend our presentation in Regency Ballroom B on Tuesday, November 8, at 1:00 pm. We look forward to seeing you there.

To learn more about our NonStop security solutions, check out our website and stay tuned for updates and useful articles:



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