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CSP: Vulnerability Management Compliance for NonStop Systems



We were pleased that our latest article published in The Connection Magazine, the NonStop community’s premier publication, became the much sought-after cover article. It was hard to miss, even as the opening lines mentioned the need to keep secrets.

However, news of our appearance on the cover of The Connection is a secret we do not want to keep. If you haven’t seen the latest issue of The Connection Magazine or read the article yet, click here.

It is also not a secret that CSP is committed to supporting the NonStop community. Whether attending community events in person or through supporting publications like The Connection, Connect Now, and NonStop Insider, when it comes to demonstrating our commitment to the NonStop community, we are always glad to provide support for major NonStop events.

CSP will continue to support the NonStop community by participating as a Gold Sponsor in the upcoming pan-European EBITUG event in Edinburgh, Scotland, on May 15 to 17. You will not want to miss our presentation on Vulnerability Management & Compliance for NonStop Systems.

We first promoted our CSP Vulnerability Scanner™ at the 2022 BIG SIG event in London. This tool is a vulnerability scanning and reporting solution for HPE NonStop systems that analyzes risks and identifies vulnerabilities by checking the NonStop system configuration, access permissions, and security settings.

It generates insightful reports for users and recommends changes to improve the security posture. “You may have already read about this from prior promotions, but its significance cannot be understated,” said CSP General Manager Henry Fonseca. “The key element here is that it works and delivers on the promise of identifying all potential vulnerabilities.”  

We will also discuss Zero-Trust security models and deterring potential Ransomware attacks EBITUG. That is always a popular subject that has gained considerable media attention. And CSP Authenticator+®, our multi-factor authentication solution built for universal Application and System (TACL and OSS) access, allows security administrators to implement one or several authentication methods, including token-based systems such as RSA or similar solutions. Making it a great starting point when setting up a Zero-Trust security model.

“There are no surprises here for the NonStop community. Zero-trust means ensuring every user with access to NonStop is who they say they are. It also means ensuring those users only access the resources they have authorization for,” said Henry Fonseca. And when dealing with mobile workforces or hybrid workspace environments, the basic principle of a zero-trust security model is to avoid blindly trusting every element within the corporate network, be that a person, a process, or a processor.

Edinburgh in May will not be the only place to learn about CSP’s latest security applications. Our team will participate in CTUG on June 7 and 8 in Mississauga, Ontario. Later in the year, we will support NonStop TBC 2023 in Denver, Colorado, as a Platinum Sponsor. However, these are not the only initiatives that CSP will support in 2023.

We have an exciting announcement for EBITUG 2023. You will hear more from CSP about our plans to broaden our ecosystem of partners as we build a program that better levels the playing field for all NonStop vendors.

CSP is looking to simplify awareness of all product offerings across the NonStop vendor community, so make sure you stop by our event table in Edinburgh to hear more about this initiative. And watch for future articles and posts, as this is one secret we do not plan on guarding closely.

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