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Your CTUG Board is very much aware that following user events held recently around the world, from London to Dallas, the bar has been set very high when it comes to what represents a successful NonStop user group event. However, having held our own event for several years now, we are hoping to make it another smashing event!

While this year’s CTUG event is still a way off it is appropriate that we commence marketing of CTUG in advance to ensure everyone knows that the program is being worked on and while some of the details have yet to be finalized, we have set the date as October 11, 2017 with a full day of education following on October 12, 2017. This year’s CTUG event will once again be held in the HPE Canadian head office that has proved to be a good venue for all who participate and for their support of CTUG we want to especially thank HPE for extending an invitation to us yet again.

This year, the theme will be “The modern NonStop.” Focsuing a spotlight on just how modern NonStop has become is important not only for existing NonStop customers but for prospects as well. All too often, as a community, we hear reference made to NonSotp systems as legacy and this simply isn’t the case any longer. HPE NonStop development have worked rapidly and energetically to ensure NonStop provides a viable solution to even the most ambitious of IT pursuits and the most recent steps taken for greater participation in Hybrid IT is certainly helping the spotlight shine brightly. The keynote speaker for 2017 will be Marty Edelman who has hands-on experience bringing modern solutions to the nonstop platform.

When it comes to solutions, there will be a special guest speaker as well. OmniPayments, LLC., CEO Yash Kapadia will be providing up to the minute information on the work OmniPyaments has done to bring NonStop X systems to new audiences particularly in Central and Southern America. Yash is among the earliest adopters of NonStop going so far as to populate data centers around the world with NonStop X systems and offering OmniPaymnets out of their own private clouds – OmniCloudX.

Make sure you join us for these presentations as well as several others and when it comes to the education day, the program is still being put together so stay tuned as we will be providing more information closer to the date. However, we do know that we will be sticking closely to the theme of Mondern NonStop when it comes to key subsystems and stacks crucial to the support of both NonStop X and of course, Virtualized NonStop.

Dave Harper | President | CTUG Board of Directors