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DataExpress alive and well in hybrid IT

Standards and openness requirements continue to grow and DataExpress has it all covered!




We understand that the publishing of this issue of NonStop Insider will coincide with the opening of the NonStop pan-European event, eBITUG. Unfortunately for us it’s not an event we will be attending, although we support most events in North America. The upcoming N2TUG event in Dallas, as just one example, will be the next user event we will attend and we are looking forward to it. Having said that, we wish everyone who will be attending the London event a productive time even as we wish all those involved, safe travels!

Having expressed our well-wishes to all participants it’s also a time to reflect on what we have accomplished over the past year. Yes, we have DataExpress validated for use on NonStop X and virtualized NonStop systems and yes, we have our first customers among the early adopters of these latest systems from the HPE NonStop team. We are looking to grow our install base and are taking some significant business steps to give DataExpress more visibility in the marketplace.

With products for both NonStop systems and Linux / Unix / Windows (LUW) it may still surprise members of the NonStop community that we are as widely used among Financial Institutions (FIs) as we are – in a world of real time transaction processing where the applications running on NonStop are almost always mission-critical, who doesn’t need a managed file transfer product for secure oversight of files that simply must be moved?

In the last couple of posts we have published we have written about one perspective of DataExpress and what it accomplishes by plagiarizing the BASF advertisements that ran in 1997. As you may recall, BASF didn’t make the products you buy, “we make a lot of the products you buy better!” With this in mind, DataExpress can say, “We don’t make the (file transfer) products you use, we make them better.” No we don’t make the file transfer products you depend upon today nor have we ever had any intention of entering the file transfer marketplace because many of these products are either integral with the operating systems or deeply imbedded within the institution.

However, what we do is provide a solution for those customers who simply have one or many file transfer products being used – either tied to specific applications of which there could be many generations each with a different file transfer technology used on-premise, or used by a customers’ clients to send files to them. Whatever is the chosen file transfer product for the occasion, we can accommodate it and then forward as necessary, using a file transfer product the target system requires. A little known fact is this disparity of delivery mechanisms is a common business problem for many FIs and we simply take away the pain that otherwise may be felt negotiating transfers that need to be massaged in order to successfully execute.

In the latest post to our web site blog, STANDARDS, OPENNESS, DATABASE, CLOUDS – WITH DATAEXPRESS WE MAKE YOUR MOVEMENT OF FILES WORK BETTER! we write about the impact of standards and the emergence of hybrid IT. When it comes to what’s transpiring in the industry, more data in more places is a certainty, there are two major trends we closely follow; the push for greater dependence on industry standards and openness (including the growing popularity of clouds both public and private), and the move to hybrid IT. Furthermore, DataExpress has already made public the news that DataExpress is standing ready to support those users with a preference for running DataExpress out of a cloud. Earlier this year we noted that should you prefer to run DataExpress as the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) then send us an email!

In that post we conclude that as industry standards and openness and databases supported as a service – whether considered DBaaS or IaaS, it matters little. The important element though is that these are topics actively being pursued by DataExpress and at a time when it is increasingly important to be able to offer DataExpress on both NonStop (DXNS) and Open Platforms (DXOP). For the complete post, follow the link provided above. What is important to stress is the importance of managed file transfer for secure oversight of files to ensure that what is expected to be shipped is shipped and what is expected to arrive does arrive every time and on time.

At the upcoming events you will be hearing from the HPE NonStop team more about their product roadmaps for NonStop as well as for NonStop running virtual, possibly inside of clouds, but most definitely as part of hybrid IT. As you hear more about these plans from NonStop remember that it matters little to DataExpress where you opt to run NonStop – we have DataExpress for both ends of any hybrid IT deployment where NonStop participates. And if this is something that interests you as your company contemplates future NonStop configurations then don’t hesitate in giving us a call or send us an email We would be only too happy to take your inquiry and to work with you – as yes, we do make the file transfer products you work with, work better. | +1.972.899.3476