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There is a lot of travel looming for many members of the NonStop community. If you are part of this user community, perhaps there is no bigger event in spring than the annual European Technical Boot Camp (ETBC), hosted by BITUG, and this year’s ETBC, in Edinburgh, Scotland, is one event that is being highly anticipated. Perhaps it was fitting to open last month’s article with commentary about travelling on America’s highways, as this month it is likely to be travel of another sort as the NonStop community takes to the air.

It never ceases to amaze us here at DataExpress whenever questions arise from the NonStop community about the product we support. We are one of the longest serving members of the NonStop community and we have done only one thing, which has become the cornerstone of operations for several of the largest financial institutions in North America. We facilitate the automated and secure transfer of files between enterprises. Whether it’s on a one-to-one basis, one-to-many, or even many-to-one, DataExpress continues to support our NonStop users’ needs to move files. In any mission-critical real-time transaction processing environment there is always a department or agency needing to “see the files” and DataExpress takes the worry out of meeting these demands!

And yet, even when armed with this knowledge about what we do, there are still a number of users who devote resources to writing either basic or sophisticated scripts in order to do what we provide as a supported product on NonStop. This upcoming trip to Scotland for ETBC reminded us that not only will there be many NonStop community members taking to the air but of how today’s planes have become the mode of travel chosen by almost everyone facing a commute over long distances. “There are tens of thousands of flights daily carrying millions of people, accumulating at the source and ending at a destination to disburse randomly,” said DataExpress CEO, Billy Whittington. “These are commonplace and everyone takes for granted that everyone gets corralled into lines, queues, holding pools and gets shuttled into an aluminum tube to be deposited safely out the other side at some point.”

As Whittington describes it, “We see and hear planes fly over without wondering what a technological marvel they are; we hear about innovations through the broadcast media and yes the facilities are constantly being upgraded to handle greater and greater volume. But ultimately, it’s always about safely transporting people from one location to another.” Looking up at the boarding screens, there is no feeling worse than seeing mass cancellations from the carrier you were depending upon to get you to where you needed to go.

It is something we seem to be hearing about a lot more of late. What happens when suddenly a popular choice in airlines shuts down operations disregarding its promises to get the travelling public to that next destination?  In recent times, WOW has been the latest in a long line of carriers that financially sound as they may have been the day before, ceasing operations oftentimes mid-flight for some travelers. “It’s not something we dwell on too much,” added Whittington, “but it does happen to data being left high and dry, undelivered, and we hear the very same distraught cries coming from data centers managers when data doesn’t show up as expected!”

There are plenty of reasons why files need to be moved, safely and securely, giving peace of mind to these data center managers! And when it comes to securely, our most recent addition to the DataExpress product family has been our implementation of GNUPGP. “DXNS PGP is a Guardian based interface to the OpenPGP compliant GNU Privacy Guard (abbreviated GnuPG or GPG) port for Tandem NonStop OSS and a requirement we saw out in the field and decided to develop a solution,” said Whittington.

“We accept connections from Guardian and for encryption we invoke OSS, use the latest technology that the OSS personality supports, and hand it back to the Guardian personality ‘user.’ Coming as it does at a time when there is as much discussions surrounding Hybrid IT well, perhaps we should own up to benefitting from the  inherent hybrid capability of NonStop in it being a single frame but using two technologies for a solution!”

For more on our GNUPGP product you can find the product description at – Should you be interested in finding out more about DataExpress – perhaps applying to what you do today where a supported product might prove beneficial to you – email or call us; we would be only too happy to discuss how DataExpress best meets the business needs you may have today! | +1.972.899.3476