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DataExpress at the HPE NonStop Partner Symposium

DataExpress, along with the rest of the NonStop vendor community, makes the annual trip to Palo Alto for the NonStop Partner Symposium




There will likely be commentary provided by other members of the NonStop vendor community on the recent Partner Symposium in Palo Alto hosted by the HPE NonStop team. NonStop product management and development once again pulled out the slides and gave everyone a glimpse into what is yet to come and while each of us is covered by pretty strict NonStop Nondisclosure Agreements, it’s still safe to admit that the event was informative, well organized and well received.

Karen Copeland, Manager, HPE NonStop Product Management, clearly put a lot of effort into organizing the symposium to ensure maximum product as well as business exposure was accomplished and we now see all the signs for a very successful take-up of NonSotp X systems even as we continue to be impressed with the progress the NonStop team is making in bringing Virtualized NonStop to market. Again, no surprises here as nearly everything to do with NonStop X and VNS had been foreshadowed at last year’s NonStop Technical Boot Camp and anything more from us on these two subjects will have to wait until we see specifics in print from Karen and her team.

Having been around the NonStop platform for more than two decades and still operating in the knowledge that few within the NonStop community know all that much about us, our participation came about as we move to change any wrong perceptions about DataExpress that may persist in some areas. Most notably, among HPE itself and yes, of course, among our fellow vendors! No, we aren’t a provider of file transfer products but rather, we securely manage the file transfer process – we are a managed file transfer platform.

To paraphrase a popular BASF advertisement from 1997, “We don’t make the (file transfer) products you use, we make them better.” and with DataExpress this means we have a product that no matter what transpires in the industry, either from a technology perspective or a legislative perspective, you simply won’t outgrow DataExpress!

In our latest post to our News / Blog, ALONG FOR THE RIDE – DATAEXPRESS DELIVERS GLOBALLY! We make reference to what we call, the “unknown file.” As we reiterate in that post, so often we hear stories about the “unknown files” – those files that companies continue to support without supporting documentation to fully qualify their purpose and yet, when the time comes to bring up an application on a secondary site and the “unknown file” is missing, it all comes crashing down. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to aggregate files in a manner that ensured all the information an application needs made it to where it really was required? Wouldn’t it be nice if, with a minimum of fuss, all of these files could simply go along for the ride?

We heard so much about all the work the NonStop team is doing in support of NS SQL/MX and yes, there’s a lot that left us with a very positive impression about the future of NS SQL, but in many respects, it’s not always just about the database. There are a lot of highly sophisticated products that read log files and employ a Change Data Capture (CDC) model to ensure databases are kept in synch.

What DataExpress can do is make sure the data in the database along with data held just about anywhere else – in flat files, tables, as binary objects, and much more – can be moved to where it really is needed and the demand from enterprises to make sure this absolutely happens continues to be raised. For the NonStop community, there are few other sources that they can turn to apart from DataExpress to meet these requirements.

There was a lot more revealed at the Partner Symposium that we could not write about but like all other participants, about all we can add is to encourage you to attend HPE Discover in June and then, the NonStop Technical Boot Camp in November. It was made very clear to us that what Karen and her team covered with us in Palo Alto will be introduced in a phased fashion starting with HPE Discover. However, there is much we can write about when it comes to DataExpress and if you would like to know more about what we provide and how we can help your organization, please reach out to us at | +1.972.899.3476