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DataExpress is participating in workshop at NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2016

Investments made years ago to support both NonStop and Open Platforms is paying off for DataExpress as either platform can be leveraged to provide an even better file transfer solution




With hindsight, it seems only natural that DataExpress would become a product family with separate products serving both the NonStop and Open Platform markets. With hindsight too, we would like to say that we had always been working towards a hybrid solution knowing that this was the direction IT was headed. However, whatever hindsight we may have had can also be viewed with just a dash of serendipity as today, with so much of the messaging coming from HPE surrounding the NonStop system being liberally embellished with product features to capitalize on hybrid configurations, together with greater propensity for supporting open systems and NonStop, the decision taken to develop a family of DataExpress products seems rather fortuitous for the company.

We are very hopeful that the majority of the NonStop community fully understands the value proposition of DataExpress. Perhaps this understanding of DataExpress has only come about recently but it is important to convey to the NonStop community that DataExpress is in the business of securely managing the movement of files – automatically, transparently and without any loss or corruption of information along the way. DataExpress isn’t a file transfer solution – that is the realm of products like NDM / IBM® Sterling Connect:Direct® as well as FTP – but rather, DataExpress is the all-important middleware to make sure every file is moved to where it needs to go, over the protocol that is chosen and on time without relying on any operator intervention or the need for data center managers to write scripts. Every day, across the Americas, we move hundreds of thousands of files without mishap and without any need for oversight or management.

It is against this background that, like many within the NonStop community, we took a very solid, well designed, totally integrated system providing a solution within a disciplined market space and complemented it with a similar solution that runs on open platforms. Wasn’t the move off NonStop being predicted by every technology pundit? In reality, this expectation coming from industry experts was rather optimistic and the messages coming from HPE today confirm that having both a DataExpress for NonStop (DXNS) and DataExpress for Open Platform (DXOP) presents options for every NonStop user as to the optimal configuration of DataExpress that best meets the SLA criteria of the user. On the other hand, the announcements by HPE are throwing a totally new light onto DXNS that not only validate we spent wisely on ensuring DXNS is always current, but it truly does endorse our financial (and spiritual) commitment to NonStop and R&D into where obvious synergies between both products can be leveraged to provide an even better customer solution moving forward.

In the coming days we will be participating in the annual NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2016 being held once again in San Jose. Last year, NonStop development provided information on the Yuma program that has led to the availability of the NonStop Direct Application Interface (NSADI) and DataExpress has elected to capitalize on this new interconnect fabric that brings together the transaction processing power of NonStop with the flexibility and price competitive power that comes with Linux. We will be joining another NonStop vendor, comForte, together with HPE in a workshop about practical real-world use case scenarios for NSADI. If your plans include attending Boot Camp, make sure you keep us in mind and take advantage of this workshop.

We remain hopeful that the message of DataExpress has been successfully conveyed to everyone in the NonStop community but if you are still a little curious about DataExpress, make sure you get to the workshop, or reach out to us directly. | +1.972.899.3476