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DataExpress – Leveraging the strength that comes with HPE partnership program!





data feb 2020

Being acquired by a public company may not be an everyday occurrence for a NonStop partner. In the case of DataExpress, being acquired by Data443 came as a surprise to many and yet we know it will prove beneficial to the NonStop community. Even as the transaction may still be fresh in the minds of both parties, work on highlighting the benefits of the transaction and incorporating these benefits in messages aimed at the NonStop community has already begun.

Known for the technical expertise when it comes to the secure movement of files marketing is now working on tying together all the pieces. For many years now DataExpress has held the status of a Silver Partner within HPE’s Technology Partner program. This program has proved beneficial in many ways with access to discounted hardware and software and equally as important to the development team at DataExpress, access to the Advanced Technology Center where the DataExpress products have been validated to run on NonStop X (NSX) systems as well as on the new Virtualized NonStop (VNS). This partnership program also includes support of joint HPE and vendor promotions and this has now kicked-off in earnest for Data443 and DataExpress.

As of January, 2020, you will find a vendor update featuring DataExpress on the HPE web site with a promotional data sheet now accessible –

“Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Data443 are collaborating in a fresh new way to bring increased value to customers like you …”

Collaboration is yet another positive aspect following Data443’s acquisition of DataExpress. There has been a strong presence of the DataExpress management team at regional events like N2TUG in Dallas, but beyond the region, unless you hired staff that had previously worked with DataExpress NonStop (DXNS) you may not be aware of the DataExpress product line. Expect that to change in a big way going forward. The above quote was pulled from this new promotional data sheet on the HPE web site.

If you weren’t aware of DataExpress then you may have missed how the collaboration between DataExpress and HPE covers multiple HPE programs including technology partner for NonStop i (NSi), NSX and VNS. No matter where you happen to lie on the technology bell curve of NonStop, there is a supported DataExpress product available for you –

“Data443 is a member of the HPE Partner Ready for Technology Partner program, an industry-leading approach to supply sophisticated integrated technologies in a simple, confident, and efficient manner …”

The upside from being a partner with products validated for all the variants of NonStop sold and supported today is that DataExpress has solid credentials when it comes to moving files between systems, no matter where they may be located around the planet. This is becoming an important consideration as migrations really don’t happen at the flick of a switch but rather involve extended periods of time running in parallel.

“DataExpress links legacy systems with current technology trends while supporting mission-critical transmission needs, including data security, reformatting and data validation services. DataExpress is more than a secure managed file transfer platform. It’s a relationship between the customer and the DataExpress team …”

The above quotes were pulled from this new data sheet – Working tougher. Accelerating results! Should you have any difficulty accessing the HPE web page using this hyperlink then cut and paste the following url into your browser –

However, this partnership is about looking to the future as much as it recognizes the needs of enterprise clients today. Moving NonStop to where it is a software offering designed to support a collection of virtual machines rather than the traditional servers normally associated with NonStop. While this is a complementary strategy of the HPE NonStop team and designed to take NonStop into new markets, it’s also a call to NonStop vendors to begin evaluating the merits of running applications-as-a-service based on NonStop-as-a-Service (NSaaS). DataExpress has already began to take this into consideration as it develops its road maps for the next two years –

“We want to pursue DataExpress-as-a-Service (DXaaS) as a strategic direction. The partnership with HPE is going to be instrumental such that both sides fold together to offer premium solution at an affordable price.” – Billy Whittington, Data443 Engineering Manager

The team at HPE NonStop will be looking to vendors to populate the virtual world with solutions and to embrace a consumption model as complementary strategies to the traditional way their products are provided. This will shift the investment firmly in the direction of the partners but with a coordinated execution philosophy, as DataExpress believes it can be, will result in more customers being able to take advantage of DataExpress NonStop as well as DataExpress Open Platform more readily even if its sole usage is in helping enterprise users successfully navigate the waters that lie between traditional NonStop and VNS.

Should you have any questions about our development and marketing programs please don’t hesitate reaching out to us directly at Data443 or even talk to your HPE sales teams. We all would welcome every interaction we may have and remember too, you will see further participation by Data443 in 2020 at your local RUG events.

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