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Hybrid IT? Software-defined infrastructure? Consumption-based services? So many questions and so much that looks different! It’s as if two worlds are meeting for the first time and the introductions are confusing. HPE has been very public over the last couple of weeks about just how important it is for the enterprises to rethink how they can best serve their users in a world where everything computes and everything communicates. It is for a very good reason; the old ways of data processing are broken. The industry has crossed a threshold and there’s no turning back! And by this we mean, the tail is finally wagging the dog – it’s our community of users who are dictating what they want to see and when.

This meeting between the worlds is taking place at different rates that reflect their markets – some industries are seeing change taking place at lightning speed, where the best example may be eCommerce and yet others are only moving at a glacial pace, where traditional banks are a good example. However, what we are seeing as a fallout from these meetings of tectonic proportions is that it’s not so much a case of the new rising on top of the old, crushing all that had existed but rather a convergence, where different generations of computing overlap and where some elements of the old broken data processing world still retain relevance and that unifying element, the one where convergence is taking place, is data.

In the most recent post to the DataExpress News Blog, Convergence? With data at the center, there are now opportunities for DataExpress, we blog about data and where DataExpress sees a growing need for its solutions:

Convergence isn’t just happening at the systems level but around data – as HPE has been publicizing of late, time and data are the new currency (of business). Once you start moving all the pieces around data at the very heart of IT operations then it begs the question, do I have access to all the data I now need? Where’s that file? How come I can’t open this data set? DataExpress has seen this all before …

It all comes back to workloads. Could we see our major customers electing to initiate an instance of vNS whose only task is to move files? Could we see our major customers electing to run DataExpress NonStop (DXNS) in just one system surrounded by DataExpress Open Platforms (DXOP) in the open systems running alongside NonStop? Could we even see virtualized NonStop workloads supporting DXNS initiated one per target end user such that the level of parallelism would be unimaginable? Possible! But the news here is that we are on the verge of seeing a new world of NonStop unfold and given the data centric model being espoused by HPE, the future of DataExpress looks not only assured but on the threshold of thriving!

Just follow this link for more of what we have to say on convergence: Read more …

When it comes to Hybrid IT, it is an appropriate choice for a label as IT is truly becoming hybrid following the meeting between the highly centralized world of data processing that has continued for decades and the world of services and clouds. Scattered across the four corners of the earth, the concept of a data center processing pre-defined workloads according to schedules worked out well in advance is as anachronistic as it gets. And yet, there is a need for a hybrid marriage between them in order for anything meaningful to get done. As for software-defined infrastructure and consumption-based services, this has been coming for some time as commoditization and standardization have taken hold – there just had to be an easier way to align resources with workloads!

“While it would be easy for us to say that we have seen this all before and that in some ways, it’s just a continuation of the shift between centralized and distributed that has been taking place since the first data center was built,” said DataExpress CEO, Billy Whittington, “this wouldn’t be doing justice to the significance of this shift in the tectonic plates. On the other hand, whether we refer to what is most important as data or files or even information, the place where data is needed versus where it is created are often separated by distance and technology and that is where DataExpress really shines. We move the files with the all-important data, securely and timely and almost magically, to where they just have to go and have been doing so for many decades now!” The old ways are broken and the new ways are taking hold quickly but even so, as it takes place, convergence implies a union between the old and new and invariably, that will be a situation we will be dealing with for many more decades to come.

If you would like to know a lot more about DataExpress as you face this convergence and should our products for both NonStop and Open Platform be new to you, then of course, you can email or call us. We would be only too happy to discuss the right way for you to plan on moving files with DataExpress. | +1.972.899.3476