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DataExpress – moving those files in and out of racks of blades!

For NonStop users the potential is only limited by their imagination and creativity!




HPE announced that former HPE global head of sales, Phil Davis, is to become President, Hybrid IT. In the press release by HPE, its CEO Antonio Neri said, “The Hybrid IT business group led by Phil consists of three business units – Hybrid IT Infrastructure, Software-Defined & Cloud, and HPE Pointnext—plus, Global Operations and Global Sales.” As such, according to others at HPE, this “Hybrid IT business unit is essentially end to end: business units / product, supply chain & operations, services, and sales.” Naturally enough, this most recent announcement by HPE caught our attention as what we have been hearing at all the events we attended is that HPE is energized to bring Hybrid IT to fruition.

For DataExpress this is very important news as from our perspective, Hybrid IT means moving data and the best way to move data is when it is packaged in a file, and DataExpress has a long history of moving files. Furthermore, in the latest post to our blog, we wrote of how, “It is hard to ignore that HPE is doing good things for NonStop today,” said the DataExpress senior analyst, Susie Raye. “All too often we just assume that NonStop development is planning on doing this or that but when you see as much activity funded by HPE, NonStop is clearly capturing more of the vendor community’s attention than I have seen in a while. It wasn’t just the introduction of virtualized NonStop support for VMware or the introduction of the new NS2 virtualized converged NonStop system, but the work that is ongoing to ensure NonStop SQL/MX is compatible with Oracle that certainly supports the notion that data is very important to NonStop.”

What else came through is the Hybrid nature of IT today and not just with the uptick in usage of clouds. Increasingly, running in the same hardware cabinets you will find mixes of NonStop with Windows and Linux and “this bodes well for DataExpress with DataExpress NonStop (DXNS) and DataExpress Open Platform (DXOP),” added Raye. “Together, support for NonStop and Open Platforms means that DataExpress can provide an enterprise wide fabric that supports the movement of data from anywhere to anywhere!” With just a single footprint, a modern HPE system could be running a hybrid mix of racks or blades within a rack chassis – yes, racks of racks and racks of blades underpin much of HPE’s current hardware portfolio – where combinations of virtualized NonStop, Linux and Windows workloads could be present and the passing of files between them mandates a level of automation that only DataExpress can provide.

If as yet you haven’t had the opportunity to read our latest post, Events by HPE for industry and partners better illuminate path ahead for NonStop just follow this link. Or cut and paste this url to your browser if you experience any access difficulties:

Data Express provides solutions to securely manage the movement of files for both NonStop and Open Platforms. While the products differ according to the target platforms one thing remains important to us – availability. To this end we modelled our DataExpress Open Platform (DXOP) solution after what we would expect to see on NonStop and it takes advantage of multiprocessor capabilities so often found on Linux and Windows configurations inside the data center. “We have a major update to our DXOP solution that includes a sizeable amount of new capabilities,” said DataExpress CEO, Billy Whittington, “but we are cognizant of the impact these capabilities will have on our DXOP customers so we have built an intermediate release to ensure our DXOP customers can take baby steps that lead to a gradual introduction of our latest technology version of DXOP.”

It is important to let our customers know that we see Hybrid IT everywhere we look these days. Whether it’s the single footprint we anticipate HPE will provide to many of our customers or configurations far more complex than that, involving multiple enterprise grade systems, DataExpress will move the files to where the data is needed. It is exciting times and we see no real limits to where our DataExpress customers take Hybrid IT implementations. To this end we think the news that HPE has appointed a President overseeing all of HPE’s hardware and software products participating in Hybrid IT is good news indeed. It’s good because we see NonStop continuing to play a leading role in everything that carries the HPE moniker, real time!

If you still know little about DataExpress as you face the transformation projects that go along with embracing Hybrid IT and if our products for both NonStop and Open Platform aren’t familiar, then of course, you can email or call us or our sales partner comforte right now. We would be only too happy to discuss the right way for you to plan on moving files with DataExpress. | +1.972.899.3476