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DataExpress – moving those files, relentlessly and reliably without resorting to post-it notes and chalkboards!




DataExpress joined with the rest of the NonStop community for the N2TUG event held in Plano, Texas. A little to the north of Dallas, it was a reminder to us all of just how vibrant the NonStop community continues to be. To the best of our knowledge, there were approximately 100 members of the NonStop community in attendance as the event was headlined by presentations and updates on how NonStop development and partners were looking to leverage the deep port of the R3 Corda Blockchain to NonStop.

However, seeing so many NonStop users turning up for the event was very encouraging for us. DataExpress has to prioritize future investments in developing new features and there have been times in the past when we weren’t quite as confident in the direction NonStop was taking as we are today.

“I have to say that I was taken aback by just how big a turnout there was for this RUG event,” said DataExpress CEO, Billy Whittington. “There was a good cross section of the community present and it was pleasing to see NonStop users taking in what was being said about DataExpress.” Whittington was also happy to see some familiar faces adding, “for our team to intermingle with people from the bygone years was an added bonus  that reminded DataExpress of previous RUG events from those times when Jimmy was at the helm of Tandem Computers.” And yes, referencing Jimmy seems more than appropriate as the closing presentation of the day was given by Jimmy who stayed for the evening cocktail reception.

The theme for this Regional User Group (RUG) meeting was “Protecting with Blockchain” and following presentations by NonStop personnel and then by R3 as well as a sneak peek behind the curtain about what solutions vendor, OmniPayments, was proposing to develop, it was clear that even amongst the hardiest of NonStop supporters, Blockchain was making an impact.

While it was surprising, for some, how focused HPE was on Blockchain, “it came as a reminder that HPE is trying to ensure it is current.” As Whittington said later in the day, “by hitting blockchain on the head, even though it’s still arguably a ‘philosophy’ or a ‘potential service,’ rather than a ‘product’ that you can go buy off the shelf right now, at least HPE is engaging with something new and fresh so that it continues to project relevance and that’s a good thing for all of us.”

There has been more written about our participation in N2TUG to our blog and this post N2TUG delivers updates on DataExpress for the NonStop communityis now live. Just click on this linkto read the complete post or cut and paste the following link into your browser –

There is still a much bigger story here for the NonStop community and one where we see a greater need for DataExpress. In the presentation on DataExpress that we gave, at one point we talked of how:

When it comes to moving our goods, we load them into boxes and crates!

When it comes to moving our data, we load it into files!

Tying together “the enterprise’s mission critical business processes and data streams” calls for moving files …

In simply making this observation we opened up a new story line for prospects and customers alike – so much is being said about hybrid IT and in particular, simplifying the transformation to hybrid IT that many NonStop users face and yet, there’s little discussion taking place about how exactly the data gets to where it’s needed. There are products for replicating data just as there are products for integrating data but when it comes to getting lots of data to where it is needed, packaging data up in a file and then securely managing the movement of the file on time, without loss, and to the intended user, is something no data center should take for granted or simply assume it will “happen on the day.”

As was pointed out, simple scripts and even post-it notes on our operations monitors will not cut it. This is what DataExpress has spent the last couple of decades mastering and together with our sales partner, comforte, we have been shouting from the rooftops. Yes, to paraphrase another company’s tag line, we can do it! If you still know little about DataExpress as you face the transformation projects that go along with embracing hybrid IT and if our products aren’t familiar, then of course, you can email or call us or our sales partner comforte right now. We would be only too happy to discuss the right way for you to plan on moving files with DataExpress. | +1.972.899.3476