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HPE has been pushing hard to ensure the vision for NonStop that was first articulated during NonStop Technical Boot Camp several years ago is being executed according to plan and that NonStop customers have multiple deployment options as initially envisioned. The very prospect of being able to deploy NonStop any way you want would have been unthinkable only a short time ago and yet, as HPE steps up to support the ongoing transformation to hybrid IT, NonStop systems haven’t been ignored. They have very much become an integral part of HPE’s vision for hybrid IT. Of course any discussion with HPE that addresses transformation together with the roll-out of a digital core necessitates bringing up the movement of files. It’s essentially inescapable – files will move – and as such, data centers are facing increasing scrutiny over just how these files are moved.

But what exactly is driving the movement of files? Moving your data quickly, automatically and securely from a scalable platform like NonStop while keeping tight control over costs comes down to a very pressing need to deliver the files to their intended recipients and to better integrate data in order to understand emerging trends and recognize changing behaviors. When it comes to the mission critical transaction processing performed on NonStop, data is generated that finds its way into databases and files that routinely need to be passed to adjacent systems – the days of NonStop operating in relative isolation from the rest of an enterprises’ IT systems is now over. Technology silos are being dismantled even as everything is connected to everything else. Enterprises are turning to managed file transfer products like DataExpress to better oversee the movement and management of files.

“The news coming from HPE for NonStop isn’t surprising us or any of our customers,” said DataExpress CEO, Billy Whittington. “It’s been obvious to us from our interactions with our customers that the information on NonStop, as valuable as it is, needs to be passed to other processors where it will be integrated in a manner that reports can be produced, analytics can be performed and new business logic developed to better serve our customer’s clients.” The news too that there are still many enterprises attempting to juggle their schedules using spreadsheets and post-it notes is shocking to DataExpress. This manner of processing file transfers simply ignores the security holes that these manual processes can create. And it is against this backdrop that DataExpress is turning to webinars to better position its products to the wider NonStop community.”

On Wednesday, May 30, 2018, DataExpress in cooperation with its partner, comforte, held a webinar on the topic of Managed File Transfer; What’s the fuss (all about)?This webinar focused on the value proposition that comes with turning to a tried-and-true product for the movement of files. Whether it’s to an external agency or business partner or simply to the system right alongside NonStop, DataExpress has all the options covered. For many years now DataExpress has been viewed as the FedEx of file deliveries – if you have a file, DataExpress will come pick it up but if you want to hand it over to DataExpress that’s fine too – and like FedEx, what is in the box is irrelevant to DataExpress. It can be anything at all – any file structure, any object – and DataExpress will meet any scheduled delivery timeframe established for the movement without fuss and yes, reliably.

So if your enterprise is concerned about moving data and doesn’t seem to be able to do it as quickly or quite as automatically as you would like, and you missed being a part of the webinar, follow this link to download and replay the webinar:

If you know little about DataExpress and if its products aren’t familiar, then of course, you can email or call us or our sales partner comForte right now. We would be only too happy to discuss the specifics of any of your enterprises’ requirements for managed file transfer solutions. | +1.972.899.3476