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DataExpress – partnership with comForte gathering momentum

Look for us at 2017 NonStop Technical Boot Camp, San Francisco




Just a few days ago there was a special meeting held in the offices of DataExpress. In attendance were a number of folks from comForte, a couple of whom are very well known to the NonStop community, Dave Harper, Steve Kubick and Richard Pfeiffer. Also present was Richard Buckle who has been part of the DataExpress team for some time now. What made it special wasn’t so much choice of venue or the quality of the coffee, donuts and bagels nor was it all about the fancy PowerPoint slides or YouTube videos (although, both are in place), but rather an opportunity to exchange information about DataExpress based on initial reactions from the marketplace following comForte’s first introduction of our product to its portfolio of products to sell.

If you have visited our NEWS BLOG pages on the DataExpress website, you are aware of our new sales partnership with comForte and even with the newness of the relationship, it was good to interact with the folks who are at the customer and prospect interface level.  Sitting around a table, we witnessed an unprecedented exchange of difficult sales questions being translated into existing product functionality by the engineers in their responses which will provide the sales team focused broader understanding on how both DataExpress NonStop (DXNS) and DataExpress Open Platform (DXOP) can be positioned to provide better value for both existing customers and prospects alike.

With the 2017 NonStop Technical Boot Camp only a matter of days away, it was the best way to put our own stamp on the types of responses we would like to see coming from comForte as we are sure there will be questions coming from the attendees as the news of the relationship spreads through the NonStop community.

“It was really important for us to hear and understand the real and anticipated challenges of the sales team and communicate the strengths and benefits of DataExpress to our new partners”, said DataExpress President Michelle Marost, “so that they are comfortable trusting us to provide a robust scalable solution that solidifies their relationship with their customers. We believe this roundtable achieved the goals of both sides and look forward to a long and successful partnership as comForte spreads the message about our products over the coming months”.
The background to this was two years ago at the inaugural gathering of HPE partners in Palo Alto, NonStop product management made it quite clear that they hoped to see the NonStop vendor community forming partnerships as there was a need to have a bigger, more viable ecosystem of partners capable of continuing to make the much-needed investments that NonStop product management believed were needed as first, NonStop X began shipping and then with vNonStop going into early testing cycles.

The important consideration for NonStop product management was to have the vendor community fill the many gaps, or empty boxes, appearing on the product roadmaps for NonStop and this message wasn’t lost on DataExpress. We have been managing the secure movement of files for many decades but even so, there was still a very large audience that knew very little about what DataExpress provided or of the value proposition that comes with our “set it – forget it” approach to ensuring files move to where they are supposed to go.

In the most recent post, 2017 HAS PROVED TO BE A YEAR OF NEW PARTNERSHIPS AND NEW BUSINESS FOR DATAEXPRESS ON NONSTOP! we mentioned Boot Camp will be somewhere you will see the two companies working together for the first time and, with comForte as our sales partner for both our NonStop and Open Platform products, we are really quite thrilled at the options both customers and prospects alike will have available. comForte has a really solid reputation within the NonStop community and as we already integrated its security products for SSL and SSH into DataExpress, taking the relationship up another level just seemed the right thing for us to do.

So yes, to all those planning on attending Boot Camp, please stop by the comForte exhibition, look for our very own Susie Raye, and say Hi! And if you would like to know more about DataExpress, don’t hesitate to ask questions of anyone at comForte. Should you miss connecting with us, then give us a call or drop us an email and we will only be too happy to give you even more insight into the true value proposition of DataExpress. | +1.972.899.3476