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DataExpress – securing your files as they traverse today’s “badlands”




As you cross continental USA you will run into numerous towns called Fort this and Fort that. Fort Worth, Fort Collins, Fort Laramie – for the early settlers it was important to know where forts were located for their own personal safety. The interstate highway system often crisscrosses between forts as they dotted the paths. Covered wagons and yes, even steam trains, blazed through hostile territories to the safety of the forts identified that were little more than references on parchment maps. Today, visiting the badlands can be fun, but in former times these territories gained such a name for very obvious reasons! It was a very bad place, where the safety of family, belongings and livestock demanded the protection of multiple law enforcement agencies from the military on down to the single deputy.

In more recent times data centers became the fortresses and safe havens from the hostile expanse of the Internet and they continue to build layers of defense to keep out uninvited opportunists. We read the stories and hear the presentations – when state-sponsored criminals are involved, the ante is raised to levels where everyone needs to be involved. Individual businesses, no matter how well staffed or how well trained, can no longer be responsible for holding down the fort by themselves because of the interactive mechanics of data (file) sharing.

At DataExpress we have decades of experience transferring important files between different sites. We enable our users to set up these transfers to take place completely automatically and yet, whenever there are connections between data centers the opportunity for someone to intercept the transfer or simply get up to mischief by messing with the contents of the file exists, so we have to ensure we do our part and we always look to how we can improve our offering.

In the post of September 25, 2017, CHECK THE FRONT DOOR! DATAEXPRESS SECURITY FOR FILE TRANSFER BECOMES A MUST-HAVE … to our News Blog, we cover a select number of security options we think all data centers need to consider:

When it comes to our data centers, it would be an oversimplification to remind data center managers to check the front doors. And yet many doors exist and no matter the policies laid down by those in charge, it would be remiss of us not to remind everyone about just how easy it has become to penetrate even the most impenetrable of establishments. Walls? Layers? Depth of defense?

All looks good on PowerPoint slides but when it comes to the routines of daily operations, how secure are we really? Revisiting the house analogy, on a windy night, the windows may periodically set off the alarm so we take the path of least resistance and disable the entire alarm system, therefore negating the system’s capability because of our complacency that we are safe anyway. So too is it when an unexpected message pops up onto a console that is hidden among thousands of lines of messages. Our assumption would be that, if it is important, there is a rule in place to trigger an alarm of some type to deal with the issue.

If you would like to know how the post unfolds, we encourage you to go read it in its entirety. But returning to the image of forts and how modern data centers have become fortresses, even DataExpress cannot do it all and for this reason we have elected to partner with comForte. DataExpress and comForte have enjoyed a long-term relationship so it only made sense for DataExpress to team up with the premier security vendor in the NonStop marketplace. Both DataExpress and comForte can relate what it’s like being unprotected, isolated in the middle of the badlands!

If you are still uncertain of the steps DataExpress has taken to ensure managed file transfers can safely take place then give us a call or drop us an email and we will only be too happy to give you even more insight into the true value proposition of DataExpress. | +1.972.899.3476