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DataExpress – transformation



Not so much a case of fireworks this month but there is still good cause to celebrate. In case you missed the newsletter from comForte circulated July 20, 2017, there was the update on a new partnership recently established between DataExpress and comForte:

“Expanding on our existing technology partnership, DataExpress and comForte Inc have entered into a Distribution Agreement. Effective June 2017, the powerful DataExpress suite will be available for license through comForte Inc, with development and design continuing to reside with the DataExpress.”

We also referenced this in the post of August 3, 2017, The Changing Partnership Landscape – DataExpress Expands its Reach to our NEWS / BLOG as well:

“Just as HPE sought out different partnerships and different business models to better support enterprise users even as it elected to create a specialist organization for its new initiatives, so too has DataExpress sought out a partner who has the combination of sales, support and market presence that DataExpress sees as beneficial for its future growth. Shortly there will be a more comprehensive news release coming from both comForte and DataExpress that will provide even more information but for now, should you have any questions please don’t hesitate in giving us a call.”

Looking back further through the comForte archives, you will come across a reprint of the Jan – Feb 2017 feature article, High Speed Data Transfer with NSADI: What it can mean to your Organization, published in the NonStop community magazine, The Connection. Here you will read of work done for the NonStop Technical Boot Camp that helped foster the idea that a partnership would be ideal for both vendors:

“More recently, the team at comForte set out to bring the benefits of NSADI to Guardian applications. The goal was to enable existing Guardian applications to harness the high performance of NSADI-based communications, without requiring customers to change or recompile code. To pursue this objective, comForte partnered with DataExpress and HPE to develop a proof of concept. The team at DataExpress has been working with NonStop since 1985, and has continued to modernize its technologies and approaches. DataExpress delivers solutions for doing file transfers, offering a centralized communications hub that functions as a gateway to internal systems. The company’s portfolio features DXNS, which runs on NonStop platforms, and DXOP, which runs in open environments, including Linux, Unix, and Windows systems.”

All of which is to reinforce our own messages of late that when it comes to NonStop and supporting the NonStop community, partnerships play a vital role. There is real value for NonStop users to know that their favorite vendor can also lend a hand when it comes to products in areas adjacent to their primary field of expertise. In this case, comForte is well known for their expertise in security and when it came to securing network communications it was only natural for DataExpress to turn to comForte for a solution. Today, whenever a DataExpress customer moves files over SSH it requires comForte SecureFTP/SSH and as for using TLS, it requires comForte SecureFTP/SSL. It is from the experience we gained working with the comForte team for many years that led to further discussions taking place that produced the strong partnership now being covered in blog posts and commentaries.

There will be a more comprehensive announcement covering the regions where DataExpress will be available through comForte and this announcement will cover all aspects of support including who to call for new sales opportunities. Looking further ahead, we expect that this will be a topic of conversations at the upcoming NonStop Technical Boot Camp to be held later in the year. It is important to remember that the HPE NonStop team is encouraging dialogue between its partners on the understanding that there are numerous benefits for NonStop users needing only to interface with one sales team – it’s always been a concern among the NonStop users community that there are just so many NonStop vendors, how do they even know of the existence of some very innovative products out there?

But if you cannot wait until Boot Camp and need to know more about DataExpress then yes, by all means give us a call or drop us an email and don’t be too surprised if the next time you get a call from your comForte sales team, coverage of DataExpress is one of the items that is referenced. | +1.972.899.3476