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DataExpress – When we make all the right moves, good things do happen!




DataExpress Mar 2020

As any NonStop vendor knows all too well, moving the data center can come with many pitfalls. While our former data center looked nothing quite as disheveled as the one illustrated in the photo above, there are times when it’s a big gamble with the unknown. Then again, as any NonStop vendor will readily admit, when those boxes move out the door there is more than a little trepidation if it will all come back together again.

DataExpress was headquartered in Texas so, following its acquisition by Data443, a move was in the plan right from the start. With the offices of Data443 being in North Carolina, moving the data center closer to Data443 with DataExpress employees becoming a remote team just made sense. That was almost three months ago and now that a quarter has passed, the move was not only successful form a technical standpoint but extremely beneficial to the company as a whole. The new site in North Carolina is professionally managed and we now have all of our NonStop hardware collocated with those support teams charged with the oversight of the hardware and its operating system.

DataExpress Mar 2020 - 2.2

Once the boxes were unpacked, the systems connected and the debris moved out, “it’s all moving positively for us,” said Data443 Engineering Manager, Billy Whittington. “With what we had accumulated over time, together with the purchase of new equipment, it has further enabled the direction of the company. As a result we are well situated to pursue cloud subscription services even as the migration of other Data443 products is starting to gain momentum and we continue to build out the systems with this goal in mind.”

With a fully operational data center, development continues now unabated. From a development standpoint, we have been using traditional Waterfall methodologies inside development for some time but moving forward we are embracing Agile methodologies. Similar trends as we are witnessing among our users, Waterfall will be with us for some time to come, even as it is a goal to continue to build expertise in Agile while looking to foster a development environment around DevOps principles.

“Agile for us is on a project by project basis, recognizing that our users continue to be very happy with what we have delivered to date on our DataExpress NonStop (DXNS) platform,” said Whittington. “DataExpress Open Platform (DXOP) is a different beast and will fully embrace Agile after DXOP V7 is launched into our user base. Of course, it’s too early to tell what we may encounter as virtualized NonStop takes hold, but for now it’s early days as far as embracing the DevOps model.”

DataExpress has been a big supporter of open source for many years and this has influenced the move to Agile and leveraging the many tools available that today we typically associate with Agile. Having access to such tools was the stimulus behind the Agile and DevOps approach we undertook for our DXOP V7 program so that we could entertain rapid development and deployment post V7 providing us with a better and more timely model to serve our customers.

Data443 has proved invaluable to us throughout the move process and today, we have DataExpress NonStop and Open Platform (DXNS and DXOP) moving quickly to capitalize on in any way our customers plan on consuming. Should you have any questions about our product development plans and roadmaps please don’t hesitate reaching out to us directly at Data443. If as yet you haven’t viewed our new data sheet, jointly created with HPE – Working tougher. Accelerating results! you can find it on the HPE web site at –


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