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December Editorial

Margo Holen


Looking through all of the submissions this month there were a couple of common threads influenced by the major event of the year, the 2016 NonStop Technical Boot Camp. This month’s articles include observations from each vendor’s perspective on the event – and no, there wasn’t anything at all that could be interpreted as being negative.

In the past there had always been a number of objections concerning the location, San Jose. But clearly, even this issue has been addressed as next year’s Boot Camp will be held a lot further up the peninsula, at Burlingame, just a stone’s throw from beautiful downtown San Francisco and just a short drive north from HPE headquarters in Palo Alto.

As you read each article you will see a number of references to virtual NonStop and to demonstrations that were given in the exhibition hall, where NonStop developers showcased vNonStop running on standard HPE ProLiant servers. The most common expression coming from all those who saw such configurations was one of “can I have one for my desktop?” While there are still a number of hurdles to surmount to do with ordering and pricing, almost every article published here expressed some interest in seeing vNonStop making it to market early to mid-2017.

The investments being made in NS SQL/MX to ensure a level of compatibility with Oracle was also welcomed news for many vendors as they highlighted how this might influence other solutions vendors to consider porting to NonStop. For as long as I have been associated with NonStop there has always been a shared sentiment “if only there were more solutions on NonStop!” Perhaps with vNonStop and the updated NS SQL/MX this may become possible and so it will be interesting to see whether this comes about when we all gather for 2017 Boot Camp.

I sure hope that everyone who attended Boot Camp this year had the opportunity to sit in on the keynote presentation by Dr. Timothy Chou. His topic was Precision Planet where he focused on the Industrial, or Enterprise, IoT. Tim wanted attendees to realize that we are now entering the 3rd generation of enterprise software as this may very well end up changing the world. And yes, Tim knows NonStop! It was good to see Tim spend time with the audience after his presentation where many attendees purchased copies of his book that he was only too happy to sign.

Finally, what also comes through in the articles you will find here is the multiple references to customers who ported their applications to NonStop as well as of one customer who left Unix for NonStop, completely replacing their application with a NonStop application. It is stories like this that we hope to hear a lot more in the coming months and so, continue to follow NonStop Insider as reporting on such occurrences is a priority of mine.

Again, we are always looking for new submissions – yes, once again, there are more articles this month than last month and the month before that – so don’t hesitate in reaching out to me and just as importantly, should you have questions or issues that you would like addressed in this publication, email me at