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DLT and the HPE Taiwan Technology Day



ir lOGO

In late July, IR had the pleasure of attending the HPE Taiwan Technology Day in Taipei, exhibiting and presenting with our regional partner Syscom. We were impressed to see over 90 people in attendance with more than 10 companies represented from the region.

In Taiwan, NonStop servers are frequently used for core banking and stock trading, with Syscom offering their own core banking and trading solutions on NonStop.

As ever, NonStop X and virtualized NonStop featured prominently in the agenda, with Mark Pollans from HPE presenting. The presentation also introduced Dynamic System Capacity, which is the ability to temporarily turn on additional cores to handle peak periods. There was plenty of interest from those in attendance. Changes are coming quickly now and the audience appreciated the updates, including the mention of new NonStop customers in Korea and Japan.

Also on the agenda was a presentation and demo from Anthony Ho of HPE on Distributed Ledger Technology (R3 Corda) on NonStop. Without giving away the demo plot too much, it features a scenario where digital currency is first issued to financial institutions, and is then subsequently used in financial transactions. If you have not seen this demo, and want to understand more about the possibilities of this potential new application and market for NonStop servers, I’d strongly recommend that you check it out at the next opportunity.

Part of the challenge with any NonStop demo, though, is showing the external operation of the application from a high level, while also providing a sense of how it makes use of the NonStop server fundamentals under the covers. Prior to the show, IR spent an hour or so with HPE, to put together a quick dashboard to help provide this “under the covers” view. It needs a bit of clean up, but a screenshot is included below.

ir aug 18

It shows the performance of the processes, SQL tables and network connections that make up the solution, and also tracks the availability of the application as a whole. If we had a little more time, we probably would have turned this into a live diagram of the environment. Maybe for the next technology day.

All up a good day, with lots of valuable discussions with NonStop users in the region. We’re looking forward to the next one.

I will close off by saying that if you’re experiencing any challenges getting a view into the performance and availability of newly deployed applications, services or platforms in your environment, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local IR contact. We can’t guarantee that the team can pull a solution together in an hour, but they will be happy to give it a good try.