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Does the search for NonStop resource ever feel like the ground is disappearing from beneath you?




It’s no secret that NonStop is not a young man’s game (DISCLAIMER: We at TCM do of course appreciate that our colleagues in the NonStop community remain fastidiously young at heart!). Though many are working hard to address the resource issue by developing NonStop professionals for the future, finding the kind of expert resource required for vacancies, specialist projects and short/long-term backfill right now, is still extremely difficult. This is only going to get worse in the short term, as the pool of available resource continues to get smaller.

You can safeguard against this risk however:


NS Expert Resource

TCM Specialist NonStop Resourcing

Whether it is cover for planned or unplanned absence, project/specialist resource, onsite or remote delivery, TCM’s pool of NonStop experts can provide the people and skills you need to maintain and manage your systems.

TCM is committed to providing the best NonStop resource available and is actively combatting the issue of an ageing supply pool through a program of training and development. By taking the initiative for the creation of new NonStop professionals, TCM is safeguarding the availability of this critical resource for customers, for the foreseeable future.

For any NonStop resourcing needs, talk to us today.


Why TCM?

Two decades of dedicated NonStop service provision without fail

One of the largest pools of NonStop expert resource

Offering the full suite of NonStop services

Track record of high quality, cost effective services to some of the UK and Europe’s largest organisations

Tailored, flexible service solutions, 100% customer focused