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Drive more business with the OmniPayments OmniWallet



The business value of digital wallets has been proven by the likes of Apple Google and Samsung.

Capture your customer’s interest

Many retailers have also jumped on board realizing they can improve their interaction with customers with a carefully crafted mobile App that incorporates their own mobile wallet. 

At the same time it’s worth thinking about what you can store in a wallet. It’s not only cash but also valuable loyalty card data with points, customer preferences, and offers targeted specifically at the individual customer. 

That’s one of the reasons that OmniPayments introduced the OmniWallet: To improve the retail experience of the increasingly mobile customer, most of whom want to purchase quickly from their mobile or tablet device.

Whether it’s a special Offer, Refer a friend, sharing your vouchers, sending money to friends and family or simply traditional card scheme payments it’s possible from the OmniPayments mobile app all if which is powered at the cloud level by the OmniPayments server running 24×7 on HPE NonStop.

The mobile App is also ideal for driving QR-code payments. Imagine you’re at a restaurant in Asia. You’ll increasingly find a QR-Code stuck to the table which can be used to drive the meal payment to the restaurants own payment engine.  No need to ask your server to prepare a bill, bring over a payment terminal. It’s all done in 30 seconds by you the customer, and then you’re on your way. 

Automate the payment at your eating establishment

Security is at the heart of everything we do at Omni and the OmniWallet is no exception.  Our two factor authentication engine enables the app to receive a code from a 3rd party payment engine to ensure the payment is coming from you.  The OmniWallet app integrates with all the security features you’d expect from such an integrated well designed application.

When paired with OmniPayments running on NonStop the presence of OmniWallet not only enhances the customer experience but represents a further contribution to the image of NonStop being a modern solution. There should be no mistaking NonStop for anything than being customer centric capable of supporting all customer interactions whatever the chosen device happens to be.

To learn more about the OmniWallet, please visit our website at, or talk to one of our representatives at the TBC event in Burlingame, California this Nov 8-10.