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There was always going to be some concerns whether the upcoming NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) 2021 would proceed as an in-person event, possibly even as a hybrid of in-person and virtual. However, now we know that the in-person option has been removed and the 2021 event will be all virtual; a continuation of a trend driven solely by our response to the global pandemic. These remain challenging times and so the news that came down only a week or so ago wasn’t entirely unexpected. Safety of all participants is of paramount importance to HPE so adjustments of this nature weren’t entirely unexpected.

It has been the mission of the HPE NonStop team to always provide the most up-to-date information on the product portfolio even as it has been just as important to its mission to ensure the NonStop community has ample opportunity to talk to those closest to the products themselves. In many regards, these annual events have been instrumental in determining product and feature priorities even as they have been the single most important occasion for HPE management to appreciate just how supportive the community is of all things NonStop.

Virtual events come with the upside of reduced costs, the elimination of travel and even the opportunity for NonStop users to skip some presentations while viewing others on a timeframe more conducive to maintaining a presence within their own company. This is not to say that there aren’t any downsides as the missed opportunities to network and to walk the exhibition floor on the off-chance of seeing something new can’t be easily dismissed.

For NTI the news came at a time when the company is launching a major new initiative. This involves everything from new content and new presentations to a new web site and a greater presence on social media. However, it’s also come at a time when NTI is putting the finishing touched on its mission statement even as it lays the foundation for even greater support for NonStop systems and the data that is created on NonStop.  Traditional NonStop along with virtual NonStop now plays an important role within major enterprises and the newly announced DRNet®/Unified for HPE Customers is the company’s response to the changing needs of NonStop users.

At this time, NTI is electing to pursue its own communication of all things related to this major relaunch of the company. The focus of this communication will be on major regional events together with its own virtual events. As a major HPE partner it is also a reality that the traditional co-opetition that has existed across the entire NonStop vendor community now calls for a different approach to be taken by all those who plan to remain independent of HPE sales and support and who are pursuing their own development projects for sale by their own salesforce.

 NTI  will be present at this event and support HPE but our focus will be on the promotion of our products done our way. Just as HPE’s mission is to become a global leader in the edge to core platform as a service marketplace so too is NTI’s mission one of ensuring data – your data – is at the center of all NTI business pursuits.

What is NTI’s mission statement? It is as follows:

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With a second part addressing the inherent value that comes through our approach to replication via Change Data Capture (CDC) that in turn, lets DRNet® move data everywhere:

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Look for additional news on how NTI can meet all your data movement needs as our program in support of DRNet®/Unified for HPE Customers takes flight! Should you have any bout when next you can hear more from NTI don’t hesitate in giving us a call or emailing us directly! We would be happy to share with you more about DRNet® – our solution, our strategy and the mission we are undertaking for all NonStop users.

Call the number below or email us at any time at

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