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ETI-NET and HPE deliver C-Deep for Payments Solutions on NonStop





When it comes to sports there are many categories where teams are involved, none more so that motor car racing. Whether it is a race between showroom-like stock cars or open-wheel formula cars, speed necessitates a constant flow of accurate information. Before a driver takes the decision to move up the field with a pass of a competitor it is the role of the spotter, placed high above the circuit, to let the driver know it is safe to do so. Having a clear track is just so important to the drivers and their dependence on their spotter can make the difference between a winning performance and wrecking on track.

When we first provided an update on our latest product for the NonStop community where the application is a payments solution, we wrote of the importance of knowing what is transpiring on NonStop. Such knowledge has always been a factor in deciding what solutions are deployed on NonStop and clearly, payments is an important application in this regard. However, like in motor racing you need to see what is taking place and to see that unfolding in real time. While the action is taking place, it is good to know that there is a tool available that will let you spot impending problem areas and to help you take all necessary actions to avoid outages of any kind.

We obviously want to see more when running payments solutions. We rely on clarity and at all times there is a necessity to see it all – the big picture. When it comes to payments solutions running on NonStop they usually aren’t the only system involved nor is the network solely functioning on the basis of just an end-user’s to NonStop application interaction as there are many moving parts making up todays modern payments processing environment.

As 2021 came to an end ETI-NET announced the availability of C-Deep, its newest product for the NonStop community depending on the NonStop based payments solutions. Available to support BASE24™ Classic, but well suited to other payments engines when customized by the PointNext team, C-Deep is not only about seeing deep into the inner workings of a payments solution but is just as importantly for those looking at what is happening all around the applications. C-Deep will let you see more and it will allow you to play spotter to perhaps one of the most critical of all mission critical applications – that of handling the money of your clients.

Partnering with HPE and with C-Deep being offered off the HPE price book it has become easier for the NonStop community to deploy an out-of-the box solution that gives you greater insight into your payments solution via very focused dashboards that are highly configurable. There are many other options available to the NonStop community when it comes to monitoring solutions running on NonStop, but from our perspective none offer the same level of benefits as you get when running C-Deep that is optimized for just the payments processing industry. No deep navigation through unfamiliar panels or digging deep to find something that might provide a view familiar to those overseeing payments operations. It’s all there from the time C-Deep is installed.

When you attend a race you probably will not see the team’s spotters. Located high above the track and oftentimes each team’s spotter located right alongside another team’s spotter, the better to take in all the action across all of the circuit, it is out of necessity that they take up such a position. Likewise it is out of necessity that “the whole track” associated with payments is on view. Spotters may be relying on simple field glasses but when it comes to monitoring payments processing on NonStop, it takes gathering of a lot of related material before a picture can be displayed.

Consider all the components, from end devices like ATMs and POSs to the network, with layers of routers and switches linking end devices to NonStop and what irregularities of any nature can hamper the successful operation of the payments solution. Then there are the many links that interconnect the payments processors to related financial institutions where a lack of a clean passage between the respective ends can also harm the success of an intended financial transaction. C-Deep gives you the opportunity to see it all and to be better prepared when your institution first spots trouble.

As for the C-Deep architecture, the C-Deep client agent on NonStop reads transaction data from the HPE NonStop based Transaction Log File / POS Transaction Log File (TLF/PTLF). The HPE NonStop extraction clients pass this data to the C-Deep collector on the Windows Server. All data processing and analysis takes place on the Windows Server to minimize resource usage on the HPE NonStop. Processed transaction data is stored in a SQL Server database for a configurable period to allow querying and reporting. The database also supports the following capabilities:

Again, the most important consideration here is that with C-Deep, NonStop customers have a fresh take on monitoring of payments transactions and in opening up this market and providing an additional choice and more fairly priced product, ETI-NET is already seeing interest being expressed in the product, which as early as it is in its product lifecycle is a very encouraging sign. Furthermore, while it is initially aimed at BASE24™ Classic users they do not need to be on the latest NonStop systems or software stacks as C-Deep supports both HPE NonStop L- and J-series operating systems.

If as yet you have not seen the early promotional material jointly produced by ETI-NET and HPE then simply follow these links to read more about C-Deep:

To read the product update –

To get the data sheet –

Race car drivers would be uncompetitive if they couldn’t see what was happening around the next corner. They would be unprepared to respond in a timely fashion if they were blindsided by failures occurring around them. While at race car circuits there will be many spotters, C-Deep doesn’t have just one spotter but a cluster of processes all dedicated to understanding your surroundings.

“With C-Deep we wanted to be able to spot potential trouble that might be developing before it impacts on the application,” said ETI-NET COO, Sylvain Tétreault.  “When it comes to payments processing nothing spells trouble than a resource that goes offline for any reason be that a network component or a connection to a financial institution.” And so it is with the operation of applications as complex as are present today in support of payments processing and with C-Deep there really isn’t any reason not to be aware of all that is happening from devices to networks to processors. Wouldn’t you want to have C-Deep present on your NonStop system?

To find out more from the ETI-NET team simply call or email us as we would be only too happy to respond to any inquiries that may arise. Just give us a call or send us an email and we will be only too pleased to talk to you.

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