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ETI-NET announces Virtualized BackBox VTC

New Virtual BackBox® – Virtualized BackBox VTC (vVTC) to support virtual tape on Virtualized NonStop (vNS) systems.



HPE recently announced the availability of BackBox for Virtualized NonStop systems.

For the ETI-NET team, supporting NonStop on both physical and virtual machines is an opportunity to expand the product set by promoting virtual solutions.  Especially when it comes to BackBox Virtual Tape Controllers (VTC), a backup and restore solution that emulates many different physical tape devices per connection. Virtualized BackBox VTC is ready for vNS and will benefit from the potential hybrid configurations that result – yes, across commercial, off-the-shelf, x86 processors.

According to ETI-NET COO, Sylvain Tétreault, “The VTC can be virtualized and it can run in any enterprise virtual environment, such as Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM). The vVTC is a virtual machine (VM) running Windows server operating system that will be hosted within the typical enterprise-cloud-software-defined data centers (SDDC) – the result of the inroads being made by cloud computing along with virtualization and software-defined-everything!”

Following the announcement that NonStop would be supporting virtual machines alongside physical machines released at the same time with the NonStop operating system, vVTC has been designed to meet the backup needs of customers running vNS.  “We expect the product to be very well received by all NonStop users planning to take advantage of the vNS,” added Tétreault.

In light of its strong NonStop heritage, users will be able to deploy vVTC in redundant configurations, which offers significant benefits that include operational load balancing during normal operation (the same way BackBox domain manager balances jobs across all VTCs, resulting in twice the bandwidth between instances of vNS and storage). As an extension of the NonStop traditional fundamentals, upon a single vVTC failure, restarted jobs are rerouted through remaining instances of the vVTCs. As a result, continuous operation would be running even if updates and/or software maintenance is being performed.

For optimal vVTC configuration, follow the diagram below:

ETI Oct 17

“With vVTC, we are in sync with HPE vNS and we allow HPE to continue to seamlessly offer customers efficient backup solutions for vNS,” said Tétreault. “We worked hand in hand with HPE NonStop development team to build and test the new vVTC with vNS. It was a great partnership experience for all of us here at ETI-NET.

We will be present in San Francisco for the NonStop Technical Boot Camp with a BackBox booth stand.  Step by and let’s plan your future vVTC with vNS. We would be only too happy to provide you information about this exciting new product.”

The Virtualized BackBox VTC is available now from ETI-NET as well as through HPE. Should you wish to have more information about vVTC, please contact us via email or phone.