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ETI-NET: BackBox and QoreStor® embedded together!



Perhaps there are few other industries to match the auto industry when it comes to embedding technology. Increasingly, cars of today are as much software driven as they are piloted by real life drivers. From Anti-Lock Braking, to Adaptive Cruise Control to Drive-by-Wire, it seems that whatever is our choice of vehicle transportation there is software that can be found at the heart of its operation. And there is every indication that this transformation to a software platform will continue even more aggressively in the future.

Innovation involving software isn’t just the domain of the auto industry. How long will it be before all forms of transportation are devoid of any direct human interaction? When it comes to the computer systems with which we constantly interact a similar transformation is under way. Whereas there was a time when engineers complained bitterly that their systems would function to specification if it wasn’t for the software. Today, it’s all about the software and given our penchant to remain current in all on which we depend, there is a growing concern that enterprises are becoming easy targets of maleficent individuals who enjoy nothing more than infiltrating enterprise systems to their own financial benefit.

The NonStop community isn’t immune to such activities. As NonStop stepped out of the shadows of the data center to become more engaged with other systems, the presence of communications links along with a growing dependency on outside services has led to NonStop becoming just as vulnerable as any other system. No longer able to rely on security by obscurity for protection those enterprises that depend upon NonStop are looking for solutions that not only protect their processes and data but give them the ability to neutralize and in fact roll-back any residual routines left by these maleficent individuals.

BackBox is at the center of our program to offer greater data protection. It has been providing backup capabilities via virtual tape for a very long time and is now available directly from HPE as a HPE NonStop product. However, in recent times, BackBox began leveraging the deduplication software supported by Quest QoreStor® but recently, this combination is further leveraged to ensure data is protected from any potential disruptive software attack including those attacks we associate with ransomware.

At the upcoming NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2022 that is now just a few days away from kick-off, ETI-NET will feature a new level of protection based on the combination of BackBox and QoreStor®. “The fact that BackBox and QoreStor® are embedded together makes it easy for NonStop users to configure and manage their backup environment,” said ETI-NET COO, Sylvain Tétreault. “What we are able to provide the NonStop community with is a very simple way for them to combat perhaps the most worrisome of all attacks best described as ransomware.”

This will be the subject of our vendor presentation. Make sure you added to your agenda as you plan your attendance at sessions being held over the three day period. For ETI-NET all you need to remember is the following:

Harbor Room A – Wednesday November 9 at 4:00pm

TBC22-VT06 – New tools to make archive migration painless
Speakers: Fernand Lussier and Benoit Caron, ETINET

Speakers: Fernand Lussier and Benoit Caron

With Backup & Archive, we started with bytes per inch and today
we talk petabytes per bucket. As our storage needs continue to increase, innovation continues to improve storage technologies. As our storage needs increase more and more, it isn’t the quantity of data that is our biggest challenge.

Instead, what is worse is the necessary retention period that exceeds
the technologies availability. Over time we will be forced
to migrate our data from one technology to another.

It has been the case from physical tapes to virtual but the archive’s journey will never be completed. ETI-NET BackBox proposes some new tools to help.

Embedded with BackBox, QoreStor® already provides efficient deduplication prior to data being written to storage. While this is highly cost effective, the steps QoreStor® has taken is providing multiple levels of data protection. There is encryption at rest and in flight. There is also QoreStor® low bandwidth requirements for replication that mean you can readily support a copy of your data at your DR site. More important still, following simple configuration steps, QoreStor® provides ransomware protection by archiving backup in read-only mode into the cloud resulting in data that becomes ransom-proof.

“QoreStor® automatically comes with all of the above functionality making it easy for today’s enterprise dependent upon NonStop,” said Tétreault. “In so doing even NonStop can be protected to where it becomes a ransomware protected platform. By being embedded in support of this level of data protection, BackBox and QoreStor® the NonStop community can be assured that mission critical and customer facing applications will not be at risk from attacks by individuals looking to disrupt an enterprise’s ability to continue with business as normal.     

ETI-NET is proud to be supporting this Connect Community event at the Platinum level. You will easily recognize our presence among exhibitors and we would welcome you stopping by to discuss any aspects of how embedded BackBox and QoreStor® might prove beneficial to your enterprise. As the event comes to an end and you still have questions then simply call or email us as we would be only too happy to respond to any questions that you may have.

Mirko Buzolitch