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ETI-NET BackBox – now cloud ready!

BackBox® is cloud ready with options available to capitalize on Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud offerings




Momentum continues to develop in support of NonStop inside of clouds. Already we have read of one solutions vendor populating their own cloud with NonStop X systems, and as much as this has gained attention within the NonStop community as enterprises continue to look at just what they should and should not run from within a cloud, the bigger opportunity for vendors like ETI-NET is to provide support for its products to be run in public clouds. As the deployment referenced above is very much an instance of running NonStop software out of a private or solutions-focused cloud, the real savings for the enterprise come with exploiting the pricing advantages of public clouds, such as those from Microsoft, Amazon and Google.

In the ETI-NET feature published in the previous issue of NonStop Insider, ETI-NET COO Sylvain Tétreault highlighted how today, “The Virtualized BackBox Virtual Tape Controllers (vBackBox) can be virtualized and can run in any enterprise virtual environment, such as Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM). The vBackBox is a virtual machine (VM) running Windows server operating system that will be hosted within the typical enterprise-cloud-software-defined data centers (SDDC) – the result of the inroads being made by cloud computing along with virtualization and software-defined-everything!”

In fact, this was just another step being taken towards more comprehensive cloud support, and as we head into the NonStop Technical Boot Camp in just a few days’ time, ETI-NET can now add that not only is the vBackBox providing enterprise users the option to run VTC on a virtual machine, but BackBox is now fully cloud ready. Yes, “BackBox is ready to move to the cloud; ready to build cloud customized solutions; ready to transfer NonStop data to any type of storage; ready to backup, restore, recover directly in the cloud,” add Fernand Lussier, ETI-NET’s CTO.

Enterprises today can definitely realize savings from moving applications and more importantly, data and files, into the cloud and the deep discounting that is happening as major suppliers of cloud resources aggressively compete with each other. “All BackBox functionalities are now available in the cloud. BackBox can use all the available technologies to manage online / offline storage via BackBox Scripting,” explained Lussier. He then added that through, “two standard protocols with Amazon Web Services (AWS), storage services via a local AWS storage gateway virtual machine (NFS and iSCSI), BackBox uses cloud storage either as online or offline storage resource.”

From external hardware controllers to virtual machine support, ETI-NET is demonstrating that with BackBox there are many options available to the enterprise. Working with HPE as well as other partners, it was recognized very early that the cloud would be having an impact on all that is deployed in the data center and with this latest offering from ETI-NET, enterprises can continue to explore their options as to what and how much they move to clouds whether public, private or managed by third parties.

ETI-NET is making a serious contribution when it comes to enterprises looking to reduce their cost of operations and bring NonStop into the conversation will significantly add to the likelihood of greater retention of NonStop solutions in this fast changing world. ETI-NET has been a recognized worldwide leader in critical data backup solutions developed as NonStop software, allowing NonStop software – solutions and middleware – to access modern storage technologies in a secure, efficient and economical manner and with BackBox now cloud-ready, this widens the choices for storage options significantly.

ETI Nov 17

Yes, we will be present in San Francisco for the NonStop Technical Boot Camp with a BackBox booth stand.  Should you wish to have more information about our cloud-ready options for BackBox, please contact us via email or phone or simply stop by our booth! We would be only too happy to talk to you about this new and very exciting option for storage.

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