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ETI-NET brings its message of data backup solutions to the in-person BITUG NonStop event





Interacting with the NonStop community has been an integral part of the culture of ETI-NET. It is how we ensure our messages are communicated in a manner that is both unambiguous and relevant for the times. From the days when we joined with other vendors at ITUG Summits ETI-NET has recognized the value that comes with in-person events and now welcomes the decision to return to such a format. Virtual experiences may have their place and out of necessity, given the impact of the global pandemic, filled an otherwise potential information vacuum but it was a poor substitute for the type of events we associate with NonStop.

ETI-NET participated in the recent BITUG Big SIG event held in London. Present from ETI-NET was Mirko Buzolitch who provided the community with the presentation, HPE BackBox and QoreStor: All-in-one solution for the Nonstop. “With Mirko present at this event we wanted to convey our ongoing commitment to the NonStop community while providing the attendees with an update on the products that we have recently introduced into the marketplace,” said ETI-NET COO, Sylvain Tétreault.

The NonStop community has relied upon ETI-NET for a comprehensive range of data backup products and their availability as HPE products has helped ETI-NET cement its role within the NonStop community as the go-to vendor to meet the requirements to back up data created on NonStop. As the premier provider of virtual tape solutions it has been our goal to ensure the NonStop community is provided with affordable and flexible solutions and this can now be considered as just the starting point. ETI-NET is doing so much more for the NonStop community that it is only at times afforded the company at events like BITUG where the full product portfolio can be presented.

The HPE NonStop team likewise has relied upon ETI-NET for solutions to all aspects of data backup. This is a relationship that has been in place for more than a decade and it has meant that the NonStop community can turn to HPE for all their purchase of ETI-NET backup solutions. It is a relationship that ETI-NET prizes highly and in turn has led to ETI-NET developing multiple products to best help our NonStop customers deploy, operate, monitor and increasingly leverage technologies on-premise and in the cloud.

Mirko started his presentation with C Deep, that gives NonStop users a fresh take on monitoring of payments transactions and in opening up this market and providing an additional choice and more fairly priced product, ETI-NET is already seeing interest being expressed in the product, which as early as it is in its product lifecycle is a very encouraging sign. This was followed by an update on MQ events solution for HPE NonStop, MQGate, that has now become available from ETI-NET.

The sole purpose of MQGate is to resolve the problems associated with the broad granularity of information being provided out of MQ that for NonStop users can lead to missing critical alerts. MQGate takes source IBM MQ Event Management System (EMS) events and converts them to new, easier-to-identify fully tokenized EMS events.

A reference to BackBox (BB) VTC was then covered by Mirko before his presentation moved on to the main event; an update on QoreStor – an implementation of Quest’s QoreStor™ as part of the BackBox product suite. Introduced at the NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2021, ETI-NET’s support out of BB and virtual BB (vBB) of QoreStor™ has been in response to NonStop users looking for data deduplication and to leveraging cloud services that in turn deliver a reduced cost solution for data backup. As we like to say to our NonStop customers and prospects alike, think of QoreStor™ as a software-defined platform for secure cloud storage, encryption, deduplication and replication.

“The introduction of QoreStor has been a great success. Both HPE customers and our Direct customers are welcoming QoreStor.  Together ETI-NET and HPE have already sold to six customers in EMEA, AMS, and APJ, and many proposals have been requested so far,” said Tétreault. “The reasons for the popularity of QoreStor are not only its efficient data deduplication, replication, encryption and cloud archiving features but also its protection against ransomware and other security issues. The first customers that have installed QoreStor are very satisfied.’’

Coming so soon after the introduction of the QoreStor deduplication as part of BB and vBB is an acknowledgment that for the NonStop community the ability to reduce the amount of data needed to be replicated for the purposes of backup has been a desirable feature both in terms of performance and cost. It has been exciting to watch the response we have seen coming from the NonStop community and QoreStor will be featured in all future presentations by ETI-NET.

The ETI-NET culture is all about ensuring our messages are communicated and there is no substitute for in-person events. It is with such events that we are given time to talk one-on-one with our customers and for the NonStop community it has been the opportunities to network that have endeared these events to the ETI-NET team. Our next in-person event will be the upcoming NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2022 (NonStopTBC22) that will be held in Burlingame, California. It will be yet another occasion to spend time with the NonStop community as we continue to embrace the culture that is core to ETI-NET even as it represents the highlight of the year for many within the NonStop community.  ETI-NET will also be present at the upcoming FY23 AsiaPac/Japan (APJ) Data Solution Boot Camp being held in Bangkok in early December.

To find out more from the ETI-NET team about QoreStor, BB and vBB, MQGate or C-Deep, simply call or email us as we would be only too happy to respond to any inquiries that may arise. Just give us a call or send us an email and we will be only too pleased to talk to you. And yes, of course, look for us at this year’s NonStopTBC22 where we will be more than pleased to share with you our full ETI-NET product portfolio.

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