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ETI-NET: Committed to supporting the NonStop community; realizing benefits from community exchanges



There is always much to consider when talking with the NonStop community.

As you read this article you will probably already have registered for the biggest NonStop focused event of 2023. The upcoming NonStop TBC 2023 Conference represents the pinnacle of HPE NonStop community gatherings and as such, is a place to converse, observe, exchange ideas and perhaps for us most of all, take advantage of opportunities to discuss all things related to the ETI-NET product portfolio.

For all of calendar year 2023 we have travelled to where NonStop community members have come together to catch up on the latest news about NonStop. Whether it has been in Scotland for E-BITUG, the annual pan-European conference for the NonStop community, or CTUG for Canadians, or N2TUG for those close to Dallas, Texas, or across Asia Pacific and Australasia, as well as at MEXTug with our friends in Latin America, you will have been witness to our participation.

Participation at the NonStop TBC 2023 Conference in Denver, Colorado, however is a conference that ETI-NET considers the most important of all and for several reasons. It is hard to ignore just how many NonStop customers elect to only come to this conference. For that once-in-a-year ability to talk about the ETI-NET product portfolio to the NonStop users who may not be familiar with the continued investment of ETI-NET in products for NonStop systems, either in their timely arrival in the marketplace or their scope of capabilities, it is hard to find any other conference that gives us such opportunities.

“We view this as primordial; it is where business for ETI-NET comes from and it’s the best place to listen to what the NonStop community has to say and to get a more complete understanding of where the technology behind NonStop is going,” said ETI -NET COO, Benoit Caron. There really is no substitute to laying out the full value proposition of the ETI-NET product portfolio for business to see firsthand. There may be times when it becomes easy to make assumptions about a vendor – yes, we know who you are and the products you provide – but then again, across an ever-changing product landscape, such assumptions may not be well placed.

Today, the major product offering of ETI-NET happens to be BackBox With QoreStor®. News of this product has generated considerable interest. As NonStop customers begin deploying BackBox VTC together with BackBox With QoreStor® and do so on multiple VTCs with more than one path between them, they can see how ETI-NET is delivering a higher level of fault tolerance than perhaps can be achieved any other way. Being then able to leverage QoreStor® with its deduplication properties, “simply allows this level of operation to proceed for a more affordable price,” said Caron. This year we will be introducing a new release of BackBox allowing for bare metal backup and restore of $SYSTEM. This is being done with the NonStop team and will include a new version of QoreStor®. Look for more about this when you stop by our table-top booth at the conference.

What we come away with from conferences such as the NonStop TBC 2022 Conference is a credible list of potential additional features and capabilities. With BackBox With QoreStor® finding its way into production environments, familiarity with this solution has created a positive environment for fine-tuning the product. We are noting that there is room on our side for further investment including fine tuning of catalogue syncing and in general, post-availability cleanup that is only natural following a product introduction. Where else would we be having these conversations if it wasn’t for the NonStop TBC 2023 Conference with an audience that includes many NonStop customers of ETI-NET products?

However, the more recent news that comes with the presence of products formerly badged as coming from Insider Technologies being part of the ETI-NET product portfolio has given us cause to step up our messaging and promotional activities. Attendees at the NonStop TBC 2023 Conference will be hard pressed to miss running across our team as we are supporting the NonStop community as a Diamond Sponsor. Among the very top tier of NonStop vendors, we are electing to support the NonStop community in this manner to reinforce our expanding commitment to the NonStop user.

“Since we now have more products under the ETI-NET banner we think these NonStop community gatherings are a good thing for ETI-NET,” said Caron. “They represent an ideal place to introduce and promote these additional products as being part of the ETI-NET product portfolio. As has already been noted, it simply is a great place to make announcements and to get feedback from NonStop customers and from the NonStop team members as well.”

When it comes to the new products, this includes news from Insider Technologies Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of ETI-NET Inc., that has announced that as of today, MultiBatch is now available on license through ETI-NET. The product has been completely re-branded to reflect this move in positioning, and existing ETI-NET customers can now add MultiBatch to their existing ETI-NET contract. “Look for more about this announcement elsewhere in this issue of NonStop Insider,” said Caron. MultiBatch from ETI will join C-Deep (transaction monitoring), Sentinel (operations monitoring) and MQGate (improved management integration) as former products from Insider Technologies, Ltd.

Continue to check the Connect Community web site for all the latest news about session times as we will be providing product updates as part of our Diamond Sponsorship. These will be listed by Connect and will be available as part of the event schedule you can view at:

It is still not too late to register and if as yet, you haven’t completed registering for this conference we encourage you to do so. As a company, ETI-NET always enjoys interaction with all members of the NonStop community. We will be hard to miss so please take this as an invitation to stop by for a conversation. You may be surprised how any prior-held assumptions you may have will benefit from seeing all the ETI-NET can do for business in today’s ever-evolving markets.

As always, should you not be able to take advantage of all that this conference will provide the NonStop community or you simply want to talk to us in advance, you can always reach the ETI-NET team through the use of the contact information, below.

Web –

Phone – (514) 663-0501