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ETI-NET continues its support of NonStop Customer events

eBITUG proved to be where ideas are shared freely giving ETI-NET important feedback for future development endeavors.




In our last article to NonStop Insider we wrote of how we had been travelling the world, attending customer and industry events and in general, engaging in discussions with customers and prospects alike. We also wrote of how we were looking forward to supporting the upcoming eBITUG event in London.

The eBITUG event turned out to be a very well organized and run event. Held close to the heart of the financial district, it attracted NonStop community members from almost every corner of the planet as we saw attendee badges from as far afield as Japan, the U.S. and Australia. Of course, it is very encouraging for vendors including ETI-NET to see continuing support for NonStop systems and we always enjoy each conversation we have with those that stopped by our booth.

ETI-NET, together with its sister organization, Insider Technology, were able to connect with our customers and HPE sales and systems architects from all over Europe. We have to thank the committee for how they set up the venue and the ease with which these connections were made even as we have to thank HPE for ensuring as many staff from HPE attended as possible – we saw many new faces among the crowd.

With the focus of HPE centered on much that is new to the NonStop community – NonStop X systems, Virtualized NonStop software, and even advances in NonStop SQL/MX – there are numerous discussions happening within ETI-NET concerning future product directions. HPE NonStop is demonstrating that it’s development teams are moving fast and this is always challenging for vendors supporting the NonStop community as it isn’t always clear what customers will view as a priority. However, it is at these larger NonStop community events like eBITUG where ideas are shared freely and possibilities examined and where we get important feedback for future development endeavors.

After this year’s event we certainly came away with a lot of notes. Looking further afield it is encouraging to see the turnout at other events also looking good. We just heard back from the team that the event in Dallas – the N2TUG event that just wrapped up in Grapevine – was also very well attended. Knowing that the head of NonStop Development (Andy Bergholz) participated in the eBITUG event even as the head of NonStop Product Management (Karen Copeland) participated in the N2TUG event sends a very positive message to the NonStop community that, just like at ETI-NET, the NonStop team is keen to hear feedback directly from those working closely with NonStop systems.

Altogether, even as there are challenges and uncertainties that lie ahead when it comes to future products and market opportunities, these customer events always prove invaluable to ETI-NET and we look forward to seeing even more of you at NonStop regional events in the coming months. And of course, if there is anything you would like ETI-NET to cover with you then feel free to reach out to us either by phone of email. We would like to hear from you!

Said Hini (514) 663-0501