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ETI-NET encouraged by what was said at NonStop Partner Symposium

Content of the NonStop Partner event remains confidential yet there was more than enough clues provided to suggest NonStop is alive and doing well!




Information about HPE’s roadmaps and marketing programs is always an important consideration for any vendor in the NonStop community. When it comes directly from the folks closest to these programs it is of particular importance and well worth taking time out to participate in any updates that may be forthcoming. This was how it played out recently between HPE NonStop product management and development and the NonStop vendor community and the time spent at HPE’s HQ in Palo Alto certainly was of value to ETI-NET.

While much of the material was not for public consumption, with details to become public at other forums including HPE Discover and the upcoming NonStop Technical Boot Camp, we do think that the NonStop team need to be applauded for continuing with a program that commenced only last year that is aimed at ensuring vendors are kept fully informed of progress being made in support of NonStop systems. With two distinct families of NonStop systems – the traditional blade NonStop I systems along with the newer, x86 converged NonStop X systems – and the potential for NonStop running on virtual machines, the scope of what the NonStop team is addressing is impressive as it is encouraging. Clearly, the NonStop team is back to innovating once again and like fellow vendors attending the event, this was perhaps the best news of all!

As a vendor specializing in the NonStop marketplace ETI-NET likes these type of events as it truly does provide the best bang-for-the-buck! In other words, while HPE conducts major marketing events worldwide and participates in numerous industry-focused events (the recent Mobile World Conference in Barcelona being one example), there is simply no substitute for direct exchange with those responsible for the products and features upon which our livelihood depends. And this symbiotic relationship isn’t lost on anyone within the Mission Critical Systems group where NonStop resides.

The NonStop Partner Symposium, as it has become known, ensured that there were both technical and business tracks and this followed on from previous exchanges with the NonStop team to ensure those wanting to know more about the products heard what they needed to know even as those looking for more information about marketing programs and major product messages heard what they had come to hear. Generic HPE events do have their place on a corporate calendar but being present for dedicated time about NonStop is something all participants are encouraging the NonStop team to keep on doing.

It was very clear and not all that surprising in hindsight to see just how much effort is now being expended in support of NonStop X systems. While actual deals cannot be addressed just yet, suffice to say that there is more than enough activity in support of NonStop X systems to suggest that vendors like ETI-NET have potential to generate even more business. There have been times in the past when the vendor community has expressed concern about the shrinkage taking place throughout the market for NonStop systems but it would appear that a pivot point has been reached with NonStop X and a return to more predictable business outcomes is more than likely – clearly, the desire to switch from NonStop to something else has for the most part been slated following the release of NonStop X systems.

One item that did stand out – and it is already the subject of product management presentations we have seen at recent RUG events – is the focus the NonStop team is directing towards database. NS SQL/MX has the opportunity to penetrate new markets even if slowly at first. But having HPE’s own IT deploying NS SQL/MX in support of HPE internal applications, represents a good start and one everyone in the vendor community will be watching closely, particularly as it is incorporating features that will make migration off Oracle (and onto NS SQL/MX a lot easier). Overall NonStop X together with the work being done on NS SQ/MX is all good news for ETI-NET.

More data in support of more mission-critical applications means more attention being given to backup and this is news we welcome! ETI-NET continues to be a global leader in the backup of mission critical data for industries that never stop even as ETI-NET remains focused on developing software allowing HPE NonStop servers to access modern storage technologies. Expect to hear a lot more from us at upcoming RUG events and by all means, should your plans include attending E-BITUG in London next month then make sure you stop by the ETI-NET booth. If you have any questions or topics you would like to cover, come by and talk to us. We will be only too happy to hear from you directly.


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