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ETI-NET goes deep into the Asia Pac region

ETI-NET joins with members of the NonStop community to share experiences with our customers in Korea and Taiwan




In last month’s article published in NonStop Insider we closed with remarks about how ETI-NET will be joining HPE for events in Taiwan and South Korea and how the AsiaPac / Japan has become a very important market for ETI-NET. Spread across a week, with first the HPE Korea NonStop Technology Day on July 24thand then HPE Taiwan NonStop Technology Day on July 27th, it gave us an opportunity to talk to sizable base of NonStop deployment. It is always of interest to ETI-NET to see NonStop systems being used in markets apart from the Americas and Europe and while NonStop deployments among Financial Instructions isn’t a real surprise, there is always more to learn about the Asian market with every visit we make to the region.

“What is topping the list of customer demands,” said ETI-NET COO, Sylvain Tétreault, “comes as no surprise to ETI-NET. Our Asian clients are all interested in security compliance as well as remote data center services. By this, we mean that the NonStop systems being deployed have to be secure and be easily managed remotely and this is what the BackBox solution can address efficiently and that is  important for our customers.  With this increase in remote system management, we see a lot of potential in this region as HPE is winning new business for NonStop and, with new customers, we can readily demonstrate the value of our solutions which is always important to ETI-NET.”

At both the Korean and Taiwanese events, HPE was well represented with management giving updates on NonStop X, virtualized NonStop and even Blockchain. As for ETI-NET, we gave a presentation on Highly reliable virtual tape backup and recovery solution. In Taiwan there were participants from major banking, securities brokerages and stock exchanges while in Korea there were participants from major card institutions and banks, including Woori Bank. In case some of the participants’ company names aren’t familiar, when it comes to Woori, in May 2009, Woori Bank became the first South Korean bank to issue UnionPay debit cards in China. In March 2010 it became the first foreign bank to issue Shanghai Tourism Cards in mainland China.

According to our representative in the Asia Pacific region, “Asia Pac is one of the fastest rising eCommerce markets in the world. According to a 2014 Stats eCommerce report, the region is expected to grow by 20% annually until 2018, surpassing North America in terms of online B2C sales.But while developing markets like China and Indonesia have led eCommerce expansion in 2013 with growth rates of 71% and 65% respectively,low credit card penetration in the Asia Pacific region has made it challenging for online retailers to make conventional in-roads towards developing markets.”

However, and possibly more surprising for some members of the global NonStop community, “Credit card numbers are growing. In 2013, Euromonitor International, the world’s leading independent provider of strategic market research, estimated that credit card numbers will eventually grow to 77 million by 2018 across Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Both MasterCard and Visa also reported growth in the region. Visa revealed that Asia Pacific consumers accounted for 33.3% of all its total cards in 2014, while MasterCard reported that the region generated 25% of total transactions in 2013.” In all, there is plenty of potential for NonStop and it was really good to see HPE supporting these two events as strongly as it did – we even saw NonStop Senior Worldwide Product Manager, Mark Pollans, cover a lot of the NonStop product portfolio during his presentation, Continuous innovation and evolution of HPE NonStop : vNS v2 and NS2 latest developments HPE NonStop Product Update, vNS v2 and NS2 Announcement

There is no escaping the increase in Regional User Group (RUG) events being held worldwide this year nor is there any escaping just how popular they have become. A lot of planning goes into each and every event and to see how strongly HPE is supporting the NonStop community today is indeed very encouraging. It’s clear to ETI-NET that HPE is standing with its partners as it broadens the marketing of NonStop and when it comes to Asia, it’s good to hear HPE talk about the “new logos” being generated across the region. ETI-NET is committed to supporting RUG events and you will continue to see us participating in more events for the rest of the year – look for us at the upcoming DUST event in Arizona this month. But again, no matter where you see us make sure you stop by to say Hi! And, of course, if you have any questions about BackBox or our new vBackBox don’t hesitate to ask. Furthermore, you can always email us or give us a call – we would be only too happy to respond to any questions you may have.

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