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ETI-Net is a Platinum sponsor of the now fully virtual NonStop TBC 2021




ETI Aug 21 -1

ETI-NET has not only always been an ardent supporter of NonStop events but has been as supportive of NonStop events that are virtual as we have been for in-person gatherings. The news that just broke that this year’s NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) 2021 will revert to a fully virtual event rather than the proposed in-person event didn’t take us by surprise. It was always with an amount of caution that we approached our participation this year. However, the global pandemic forced HPE’s hand on this occasion given how it would have required many members of the NonStop team to travel and it was left to HPE executives to step in and make the change.

For the NonStop vendor community there will of course be informal discussions among those who have supported such events in the past as to just how best to go about support for this year’s virtual TBC 2021, but then again, this will be the second year such a format has been pursued. ETI-NET has no second thoughts about continued support for the event as ETI-NET partners with HPE and the NonStop team whereby its product portfolio includes multiple product offerings that participate on the HPE NonStop price book.

What will be the focus of our presentations this year? What will you see from ETI-NET featured on the TBC agenda? For the most part we will be focused on our recently announced support for Quest’s QoreStor™ product offering. Our support out of BackBox (BB) and virtual BackBox (vBB) of QoreStor™ is in response to NonStop users looking to leverage cloud services that in turn deliver a reduced cost solution for data backup. Over the course of this year, the NonStop community would have been hard pressed to miss the numerous times we addressed this topic and now with the availability of BB Version E4.09 with support of QoreStor™, ETI-NET together with HPE is providing a solution!

As previously covered in past articles to this publication, backup and replication are indeed quite different, based on the need for both long term protection of data as distinct from having the ability to swap to alternate processing sites, and with this partnership with Quest, ETI-NET is promoting a new price point for even the largest requirements of a NonStop user for data backup. “The decision to partner is in anticipation that NonStop customers will be among the many IT organizations that embrace a ‘cloud-first’ preference, particularly when it comes to storing data,” said  ETI-NET COO, Sylvain Tétreault. “The best way to view QoreStor™is as a ‘software-defined platform for secure cloud storage, deduplication and replication.’”

As a Platinum sponsor, ETI-NET will be delivering two presentations:

“We always enjoy an opportunity to meet with the NonStop community but given the change of format we are sure our message will still be well received,” said ETI-NET COO, Sylvain Tétreault. “In these two presentations, it is with the new product offerings that we hope to explore further opportunities to bring down the cost of storage even as we support a standards-based approach. Perhaps most interest will be directed at our offerings in support provided by ETI-NET for the Quest product QoreStor™ embedded with the BackBox VTC, but then again, the complete product portfolio has now something to address all the need any NonStop user may have when it comes to ensuring mission critical data has been securely backed-up.”

Like almost everyone we know in the NonStop community we are looking forward to a return to the big NonStop events of past years – yes, it looks like the community will return for such an event in Denver in 2023 according to the planners – but until then and we suspect this does include most of 2022, ETI-NET is only too happy to continue supporting all of HPE as it continues to deliver events virtually. The global pandemic show no signs of letting any of us consider normalcy as we once knew it but, then again, the NonStop community has proved itself fully capable of making adjustments no matter what it encounters.

Support for QoreStor™ for ETI-NET just happens to be the latest feature to be offered and hopefully, as you explore this opportunity further, you will come to understand better that it’s not just meeting virtually that will continue but leveraging new ways to capitalize on virtual storage – cloud based as it so happens in this case – will dominate conversations for many years to come. And of course, make sure you add our presentations to your virtual agenda when you build it in the coming weeks.

Should you have further questions about our participation in the upcoming virtual NonStop TBC 2021 don’t hesitate giving us a call or sending us an email.

Said Hini (514) 663-0501