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ETI-NET launches Next Gen Payments Monitoring




eti-net dec 21-1

There will always be those among us who simply want to see more. As a community NonStop users are always curious about what is really going on inside their systems, their applications and databases. No matter the tools at hand there always is a need to have something better, something cheaper and something that simply runs out of the box. Whether the need is to see further, wider or deeper, the importance of knowing what is transpiring on NonStop has always been a factor in deciding what applications should be running on NonStop and nowhere is the importance of visibility greater than when NonStop is running payments solutions.

ETI-NET is announcing the availability of C-Deep focused on providing a tool to those NonStop users running BASE24™ Classic who want to gain that deeper view of ACI’s payments solution. However, it is not just for BASE24™ Classic, as it can be readily customized to work with any major payment engine through the professional services as provided by the PointNext team. C-Deep for HPE NonStop is available now from HPE for evaluation and purchase; through the partnership with ETI-NET, HPE will include this latest ETI-NET product on the HPE NonStop price book.

“We wanted to be able to offer – via the HPE price book – an ‘out of the box’ BASE24™ Classic transaction monitoring system that doesn’t require extensive configuration to provide useful metrics,” said ETI-NET COO, Sylvain Tétreault. “That said, C-Deep is highly configurable so customers have the option of creating their own rules, dashboards, charts along with the ability to summarize data based on their own enterprise-wide priorities. Additionally, in conjunction with HPE Professional Services, we are always available to work with customers on more complex requirements as indeed we see this as having real benefits to those NonStop users with heavily customized payments solutions.”

When we look at the product landscape and see what is available today, there is an opportunity for ETI-NET to bring to the table what NonStop users seek most of all: a comprehensive out-of-the-box solution at a fair price. In saying this, ETI-NET recognizes the value NonStop users place on NonStop processing cycles and, as is now becoming more evident with each month, the best way to achieve value for a price with a comprehensive product offering is to relegate much of the heavy lifting to processes running off-platform.

“One of the primary considerations for any ‘added value’ software, especially in a critical payments environment, is its potential impact on the resources of the primary system – in this case the HPE NonStop. This is most often one of the first questions asked when potential customers approach the subject of transaction monitoring,” said Tétreault. “It was an important design consideration to move the bulk of the processing to a separate server and restrict the NonStop impact to an agent responsible for passing across the transaction data (as well as performing any security compliance before the data leaves the payments environment).”

The presence of adjacent servers, including Windows servers, isn’t new for most NonStop users. There are other significant product offerings available for applications on NonStop that pass data to open platforms where there is a wealth of options when it comes to performing analytics and even visualization. “In choosing to go to market first with support of a Windows server, it also allows functionality change and expansion without further impact on the primary payments server. Furthermore, should an opportunity present itself, as a Windows-based system, C-Deep can be run in Azure within a virtual machine.”

In future releases NonStop users can anticipate seeing deployment of C-Deep capitalizing on   Azure functions or Azure App Services but for now, it is a case of observing potential demand in these areas to help determine future product enhancements. “As with the unveiling of any new product, the product roadmap will be influenced by the priorities of our customers and this is as it should be” said Tétreault.

As for the C-Deep architecture, the C-Deep client agent on NonStop reads transaction data from the HPE NonStop based Transaction Log File / POS Transaction Log File (TLF/PTLF). The HPE NonStop extraction clients pass this data to the C-Deep collector on the Windows Server. All data processing and analysis takes place on the Windows Server to minimize resource usage on the HPE NonStop. Processed transaction data is stored in a SQL Server database for a configurable period to allow querying and reporting. The database also supports the following capabilities:

Again, the most important consideration here is that with C-Deep, NonStop customers have a fresh take on monitoring of payments transactions and, in opening up this market and providing an additional choice and more fairly priced product, ETI-NET is already seeing interest being expressed in the product which as early as it is in its product lifecycle is a very encouraging sign. Furthermore, while it is initially aimed at BASE24™ Classic users they do not need to be on the latest NonStop systems or software stacks as C-Deep supports both HPE NonStop L- and J-series operating systems.

If as yet you have not seen the early promotional material jointly produced by ETI-NET and HPE then simply follow these links to read more about C-Deep:

To read the product update –

To get the data sheet –

To find out more from the ETI-NET team simply call or email us as we would be only too happy to respond to any inquiries that may arise. Just give us a call or send us an email and we will be only too pleased to talk to you.

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