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ETI-NET Listens at major events to consider NonStop customers’ requirements and recognizes achievements!



Max Yang, Executive Director SYSCOM shares the stage
with Mike Mitsch, ETI-NET Director, Business Development
together with the recipient of a plaque acknowledging the
SYSCOM expertise, time and devotion to Sentinel Product Enhancement
at the 2024 NonStop Technology event in Tawain.

With a growing emphasis on regional gatherings among NonStop customers there really isn’t a better forum for ensuring active interchanges between NonStop customers, vendors, system integrators and value-added resellers. Nowhere else can you count on being able to converse directly with those responsible for operational aspects of NonStop systems applications and middleware. It is at these gatherings that a circumstance where two-way exchanges flourish and, as is often the case, a more complete appreciation of a NonStop customers’ operational requirements is gained.

“Listening as much as talking is a critical aspect of information updates,” said Mike Mitsch, ETI-NET Director, Business Development. “It is when presenting the full ETI-NET product portfolio to a prospect and even an existing customer, that we gain insight into what their real needs happen to be. The NonStop community has always been forthcoming in the requests for product information and at this year’s regional gatherings there has been no shortage of interest in ETI-NET and its products.”

Perhaps it needs to be recognized that the conversations of late really kicked off following the NonStop TBC 2023 Conference in Denver, Colorado. This event proved to be a successful time for the ETI-NET team. Sponsorship and participation in that conference resulted in a high-profile presence of many of the ETI-NET team members from here in the US as well as from Europe. Having many team members interacting with NonStop customers meant that there was plenty of time to listen and the outcomes from those conversations have led to ETI-NET product enhancements and direction to improve the operational resilience and modernization of the NonStop community worldwide.

One of the more significant outcomes from NonStop TBC 2023 Conference for ETI-NET was the opportunity it afforded to demonstrate select products to partners. Present at this event was the major NonStop systems management company and regional HPE partner, SYSCOM.  While based in Taiwan and maintaining a global operation, SYSCOM employees are experts in the NonStop, many of which date back to the first Tandem systems.  SYSCOM is the go-to company for anything NonStop the region. The presentation and follow-up discussions led by HPE to an extensive 11-point evaluation that covered 3 months, and lead to considerable product enhancements released in the new May Release of Sentinel 1.1.

“Orchestrated by HPE in what started as a meeting at NonStop TBC 2023 led to product demonstrations and an evaluation agreement,” said Mike Mitsch. “During the discussions, while many of ETI-NET’s products were of interest, Sentinel generated the most interest. SYSCOM had come to the conference attendees last year looking for a NonStop monitoring modernization solution for their clients and the capabilities of Sentinel and willingness of ETI-NET to listen to them resonated positively.

During the evaluation, it became clear that SYSCOM’s deep understanding of their NonStop client’s reporting and modernization needs was extremely valuable.  This feedback led ETI-NET to enhance the new release requirements, incorporating the SYSCOM team’s product enhancement feedback, into the latest release. “The outcome from the TBC demonstration and meeting resulted in an extensive evaluation over 3 months period, which lead to changes that ETI-NET chose to implement into the new release,” said Mike Mitsch.

As witnessed by the latest NonStop Technology events in Tawain and Korea, it is clear to ETI-NET that these enhancements, particularly around the upcoming variable billing models made possible by GreenLake are exactly what the market needed. The updated features, including ASIAN EMS character, Sentinel Date Storage (SDS) and advanced Grafana self-customizable dashboards were among the updates made to Sentinel.  These that not only addressed SYSCOM’s requirements, but also allowed for new future requirements around the GreenLake consumption model in terms of planning and measurement.  Listening to their customers is no accident, but rather yet another recognition that for all NonStop customers benefit from firms that products localization remained important.

“These enhancements enable our clients to react faster, to streamline NonStop operations, and avoid potential deadlock situations” said Max Yang, Executive Director SYSCOM. “Combined with the automated configurations, this allows our clients to realize NonStop System monitoring enhancements faster, with less configuration errors.”

“Sentinel’s new features demonstrate ETI-NET’s commitment to continue to deliver advanced HPE NonStop enhanced management functionality.” Said Benoit Caron, COO of ETI-NET. “The ability of Sentinel to deliver deeper insights to all aspects of the NonStop environment, including ETI-NET BackBox®, QoreStor®, C-Deep, MQGate and MultiBatch products, ensures NonStop Clients can realize standardized support and unmatched interoperability, through a single purchasing and contracting mechanism.”

We often try to maximize our presence at regional gatherings of the NonStop community and in so doing, we sign up for company presentations and product demonstrations. However, we never overlook an opportunity to give serious attention to all interested parties and to listen intently to their business needs. As is often the case, the atmosphere around the table of booth setting can be hectic but the investment in personnel ETI-NET makes with all such gatherings ensures that there are ears listening to those stopping by the table. In the case of NonStop TBC 2023, this was the case and ETI-NET and SYSCOM, and NonStop clients around the world benefited as a result. This is the reason ETI-NET honored SYSCOM at the recent ASIAN roadshow (Pic1).

Now that news has broken about the availability of Sentinel Release 1.1 for NonStop, providing customers, with a world-class system monitoring capability for mission-critical operations. “NonStop customers can turn their attention to the deployment of a NonStop Enterprise System Monitoring solution that has been designed such that modern enterprises everywhere can rely upon Sentinel to monitor and manage their tasks without interruption,” said Mike Mitsch. “And mark your calendars for the upcoming NonStop TBC 2024 where you will hear even more about the full products’ portfolio from ETI-NET.”  PICTURE 2

If you would like to learn more and as yet haven’t read the press release for Sentinel Release 1.1 for NonStop, simply follow this link:

And again, should you need more information or want to talk to us about your system monitoring requirements in general, you can always reach the ETI-NET team through the use of the contact information, below.

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