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ETI-NET – Looking ahead to the upcoming 2019 NonStop Technical Boot Camp!





The event season is in full swing and yes, ETI participated in the recent Canadian Regional User Group, CTUG, event held in Mississauga, Ontario. As expected attendance was again good and it’s always encouraging to see the HPE NonStop team hosting this event in the HPE offices. There is a certain comfort to be derived knowing that through the years the NonStop team willingly lends its resources in this way, as any gathering of the NonStop community represents an opportunity to reinforce the key message of NonStop and in many ways, this has as much to do with its relevance in the marketplace today as we continue to hear it’s an always connected, always computing world!

Yes, availability and most important of all, the highest level of availability, is an attribute of NonStop that hasn’t lost its shine. When all is said and done, we have never come across an enterprise CIO that discounts uptime nor have we encountered any senior IT executive who is OK with outages or as we observe here at ETI, loss of data. Irrespective of the shine NonStop exhibits, there is still no substitute for having taken backups and in this regard, ETI is only too willing to acknowledge it has the premier product offering for the NonStop community when it comes to writing backups to virtual tape.

As impressive as CTUG continues to be there is a much bigger event about to take place that carries with it a much broader, indeed global, appeal for all stakeholders in the NonStop community and that is the upcoming November 3 – 6 NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC). Continuing with recent tradition, TBC will be held in Burligname, California, just a short distance from the runways of San Francisco International Airport. Once again, the venue will be the Hyatt Regency, San Francisco Airport, and yet again, ETI will be a participant. We look forward to interacting with all of our customers and this year, we will be diving our presentations to address a couple of new features we believe will be of interest to the NonStop community. Perhaps even for those who as yet are not ETI customers.

Top of our list of new features for our BackBox users is our introduction of a new User Interface (UI). At a time when all products have front-ends that are GUI based, ETI BackBox will become available with a brand new UI designed that is browser-based to ease configuration and operation. For those who will be attending TBC make sure you stop by our stand and take a look at what we have done with the UI as we will be providing demos for everyone. Both BackBox and virtual BackBox will feature this UI going forward and we are expecting our BackBox users to be pleased with the introduction of this UI.

Additionally, when it comes to the optimization aspects of BackBox and the reduction in both bandwidth and storage requirements, attendees at TBC will also be hearing about of our inclusion with BackBox the DeDupe support for storage. Deduplication, or DeDupe as it’s better known, is a technology that is sometimes referred to as “intelligent compression or single-instance storage,” according to some reports. “It is a process that eliminates redundant copies of data and reduces storage overhead.” This was the explanation provided by Tech Target last updated March 2019. For the NonStop community this is a valuable option for all those who have requirements to backup large amounts of data which is often the case in industries that are regulated by external agencies or associations.

At TBC we will also be providing demonstrations of our new Dedupe capabilities and the advantages it will provide. It’s not just about reduced bandwidth and less storage needs, but also about support for the cloud providing the storage for a fraction of the cost traditionally associated with support for data backups – as low as 10% of traditional costs. ETI has leveraged the Quest offering, QoreStor where it is anticipated that according to Quest, enterprises will be able to “accelerate backup performance through protocol accelerators, reduce storage requirements and costs through content-aware, variable block deduplication, and replicate faster and safer to the cloud for data archiving and disaster recovery.” We are now an OEM partner of Quest for their QoreStore product line and see it providing value to all of our NonStop customers.

The recent RUG events have provided numerous opportunities for ETI to address audiences and provide updates on the BackBox product offering of today. At TBC 2019 attendees will hear and see even more about BackBox following the development programs pursued this year. Don’t miss the opportunity to talk to us as you join other attendees in the Partner Pavillion, as we will be looking forward to showcasing our new features at every opportunity given us.

See you at TBC 2019 – and safe travels!