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ETI-NET – Looking forward to the start of a new decade where industry, vendor and enterprise roadmaps look to dominate the conversations!





As we look ahead to the decade that has just started, it’s all too easy to become blasé about the future of NonStop. Will NonStop product lines continue to be viewed by enterprises as it has been in the previous decade? Will HPE strategy find a willingness to embrace NonStop? Will we see more “new logos” added than in the last couple of years? Looking back, there was a lot of energy expended by the NonStop team on outlaying the future direction of NonStop in both hardware and software roadmaps and while there were challenges still to be addressed in terms of timing and popularity, it was very clear to the NonStop community that the NonStop product line was going to be the beneficiary of substantial investment by HPE.

At this time last year, we commented on how we couldn’t help noticing that NonStop had diversified in ways many of us simply couldn’t have imagined just a few years ago. The writing, we said at that time, was very much on the wall following the spin-mergers that saw non-core products spun out to other entities, but fortunately for the NonStop community, this did not include NonStop. At the time, we also wrote of how there was no other interpretation of these spin-merge moves by HPE than to acknowledge that yes, NonStop was strategic to HPE. However, that begged the question, how so? What was in stall for NonStop and where was the NonStop roadmap taking the NonStop community? Just as importantly, how will this new NonStop roadmap be received by the NonStop community at large?

What we know about NonStop today does go a long way in helping us understand where NonStop is going this decade. In some ways, it lessens any sense of simply pursuing business as normal as was the case for the previous decade. While we see the need to continue building on our relationship with the HPE NonStop teams around the world – we are priveledged to have BackBox and vBackBox on the HPE price book – there is still the need to keep all involved parties current with our own roadmaps. “We recognize our participation in regional user events is an opportunity to talk directly to the NonStop user community and to meet the HPE field,” said ETI-NET COO, Sylvain Tétreault as 2019 drew to a close.

Indeed, said Tétreault in last month’s article, “in 2019, we covered a lot of territory from the Americas to Europe and on through Asia. And the results were consistent – there’s now a lot of interest in NonStop and in particular, NonStop X and virtualized NonStop (vNS). As for 2020 and the coming decade, we will continue to participate in user events wherever they are held. There really isn’t any substitute for spending time with customers and prospects when it comes to understanding the real world business needs each of them faces; HPE and NonStop may be evolving in front of our eyes but this evolution is only happening as a result of business evolving even more quickly.”

Data-Driven Transformation! Migration and Modernization! Core to Edge! Industry and Association Roadmaps! The messages coming from HPE being supported by the NonStop team are very clear. This coming decade will see HPE’s investment focused on everything as a service even as HPE’s CEO Antonio Neri is doubling down on the Edge – everyting available at the Core will become available for the Edge. All of which is to say that data will become even more valuable even as enterprises search for better ways to ensure data isn’t lost or in any way compromised. “In short,” added Tétreault, “our business with BackBox and vBackBox can only grow as enterprises everywhere pursue greater insights into business based on what’s in data collected through the years. And for the NonStop community, this data more often than not will find it’s way into our BackBox offerings.”

Looking deeper into the coming decade we see that ETI-NET will continue to be viewed as a world leader in backup of all data critical to the industries that pride themselves on never having to stop. For ETI-NET it’s always been about supporting disparate servers that continue to exist in modern data centers and in so doing, we ensure NonStop’s participation in storage architectures involving the very latest storage solutions – crucial to any data center roadmap in 2020. If it has been some time since you visited the ETI-NET web site, then perhaps it’s time to take another look as we continue to update it with the latest information on our product offerings. It is on our web site where you will read of our confirmation of how well we address the need for backups as we continue to provide data backup interfaces between NonStop and mainframes and APIs to storage servers and device emulators and controllers that collectively are the result of our focus and expertise in this important discipline.

Enteprises will have their roadmaps as will HPE and the NonStop team. ETI-NET has its roadmaps and we see the coming decade as a period of opportunity with so much emphasis in place on data. Loss of data at any time continues to create headlines whenever it happens so selecting the right vendor will continue to be important even as it represents a challenge for ETI-NET. With over twenty five years of experience, this is clearly a challenge we believe the company is more than adequately prepared to address. As user event schedules are being created and meetings already being planned, you will be seeing a lot of ETI-NET in 2020. Look for us at your regional event as we would welcome all of your inquiries about BackBox and vBackBox – don’t hesitate to call us if we can be of assistance.We would be happy to talk with you any time! And at this time of the year where so many of us are giving thanks for the past year even as we celebrate the arrival of a new year we thank you all for your support!

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